Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day or no snow day? THAT is the question!

Lately it's been a little weird in Kentuckiana. We have a superintendent of schools in Louisville who can't make up his mind if he's tough on cancelling due to snow and ice, or a softie. He used to be easy to predict: NO snow days ever. We just didn't have them. He didn't seem to care if the kids or the teachers or the bus drivers or anyone got killed on slick, icy roads. We just went to school all the time.

Then we had a bus accident and some kids were injured. Due to being on the roads on an icy day. So then he softened a little and we had the occasional snow day or 2-hour delay.

THIS YEAR, he has apparently lost his mind. One night he cancelled at 9 PM the night before. Unheard of!!!! He at least should have made everyone wait until 4 AM. That's the way it's supposed to work!!!

Monday we had fairly definite predictions of all day snow yesterday. So they called off school. Turned out to be the right move: it DID snow and ice all day. I doubt it would have ever been safe to have buses on the roads. It snows off-and-on all night and into the morning. We're all thinking a delay or maybe another cancellation. What does he do? Nothing. School as usual. On time. Wind chills in the single digits. Side roads ice covered. Yep, sounds like the perfect conditions to run about a million school buses. And what did we have today? Bus accidents.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold? Interestingly enough, the news was running stories of people complaining about school being cancelled Tuesday, and tonight people complaining about school NOT being cancelled today.

Ugh! I give up.
Maybe I'll be in school tomorrow, maybe I won't. Who knows?



Sayre said...

Z was looking over my shoulder as I read this and sighed. "I wish WE could get snow like that... AND snow days!!!" I guess reminding him of hurricane days isn't exactly the same.

Brother Dave said...
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Brother Dave said...

A bus-full of kids in an accident does not seem worth taking a chance with. Does the school district lose federal dollars when a class-day gets cancelled?

Hoosier Girl said...

Sayre - Snow always seems great when you don't have any, but even the kids are getting tired of it now. Tell Z-boy you two should come visit and SEE the snow!

Brother Dave - Yes, they do lose money. And they're idiots.