Sunday, January 09, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new!

2 years ago Steven got me an iPhone 2G for my birthday, just a month before AT&T unveiled the iPhone 3G. I have loved it from the very beginning. A few months later, we got Daniel and Rachael matching phones on a buy 1/get 1 free deal at Christmas, and they were content.

Somewhere along the way, Joseph got an iphone 3GS and Daniel got upgraded to a new iPhone on his 16th birthday in June. Rachael was REALLY due for one, so I took her to the AT&T store before driving her back to college on Friday to get a new one. The iPhone 3GS cost me $99 when I got one for Daniel, so I was prepared to do the same for Rachael. I had been wanting a new iPhone, but I figured I would have to wait a bit.

So imagine my happiness when we discovered that the iPhone 3GS had been reduced to only $49! There is already an iPhone 4 and my prediction is that this price drop is preceding an announcement of an improved iPhone 4. I don't care. The 3GS still does everything we need, isn't much different from an iPhone 4, and is MUCH improved from my iPhone 2G. Soooooo.....Rachael and I BOTH got new iPhone 3GSs and are very pleased.

Now we are a 4 iPhone family. The 3 older kids and I all have one. Steven doesn't want one. Aaron will not get a phone until at least junior high, but in the mean time, my old iPhone 2G deactivated, still plays all the games loaded on it. I'm keeping it in my purse as a "Mom, I'm bored" back up.

Happy New Year!!


Blondefabulous said...

I'm investigating going to an android. My 1st iPhone 3G was glitchy as hell, then when I upgraded to the 3GS it was even glitchier!!! Apps crashing, phone calls dropped, you name it. If I wanted it looked at I'd need to give it up for 2 to 3 weeks w/no loaner. meh.... Good luck with yours!

Hoosier Girl said...

I've heard that about some iphones. So far we have been lucky. I was really interested in an Android, too. I looked and looked, but I just couldn't give up my iPhone. Let me know what you get and how you like it!


Superwoman said...

awesome. Sushi and I both own the cheapest phone we could find. lol, I think it only does texting and calls. It's awesome. ;)

Brother Dave said...

Fantastic! What an awesome deal. Once Verizon has the iPhone I will seriously consider it. Wireless communications certainly keeps family connected.

Hoosier Girl said...

Dave, that's what Joseph (my oldest) wants to do. He's on my family plan via AT&T, but he's almost 21 and he wants to switch to his own plan. So when the iPhone comes out through Verizon, he will launch out on his own!