Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Beautiful Daughter

Those of you who are on Facebook have seen some of these already:

From the top, Rachael as "Vera" in Mame, 2 pics.

Rachael in her final performance with the Providence Singers, 3 pics.

Rachael going to the prom, in her beautiful yellow dress, 2 pics.

I hope all of you who have daughters are lucky enough to have one as beautiful, smart and talented as mine!



Sayre said...

Your gorgeous, gorgeous child! You are one proud mama, I can tell!

Brother Dave said...

I believe that all your kids have a bright future ahead of them.

Superwoman said...

That is truly and incredible dress on her! She looks soo beautiful! Oh, did I mention my sister's husband just got a job in Terra Haute. We thought it sounded like a great excuse to come visit one of these days. :)

Just Dave said...

She is a beauty, indeed. I hope all those bone thin girls out there see this and realize that curvy means vervy.