Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summa, summa, summer time!

The good news: I got a position teaching summer school for 6 weeks. This will, essentially, double my salary for 6 weeks. I am SUPER excited about the possibilities of what I can do with the money. AND, I only have to work from 8-1:30 every day. Much better than Kroger - no nights, no weekends.
The bad news: I have to teach JR. HIGH MATH for 6 weeks. In a psychiatric hospital for children. And I have to work for the majority of my summer days. Sniff. I have been so looking forward to taking a break, it is hard to realize I really won't be getting one.

I am excited about this in lots of ways. I go for a visit on Thursday. I'll let you know.



Sayre said...

That could be pretty interesting, actually! My dad used to teach history at a psychiatric hospital/prison, and he said it was... well, not fun but quite interesting. He learned a lot about teaching while he was there before moving on to middle school history.

At least you've got some money coming in!!!

We might be going to Ohio 4th of July weekend - perhaps a little side trip would be in order?

Hoosier Girl said...

OMG, yes! Or we will come to you! This is great!!!


Brother Dave said...

Let's see. The only difference between the patients at that hospital and the teacher is which side of the desk they are on.

I had to say that. (The devil made me do it.)

Enjoy your extra income. That will easily offset your loss of time away from teaching. And, yes, it is NOT Kroger.