Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday!

16 years ago tonight, I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I headed to the hospital around midnight, and at 3:41 AM, Daniel Christopher arrived.
I cannot begin to tell you what a joy this boy has been. He is the best kid I know, in so many ways.
Happy Birthday Daniel!!
J. (your mom)
By the way, the middle picture is Daniel making cupcakes himself, tonight, to take into his geometry class tomorrow.
The bottom is Daniel at track regionals in Bloomington with his brothers!


Sayre said...

YOu are truly blessed with some amazing children.

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Avitable said...

Happy birthday, Daniel!

Brother Dave said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel. You are part of a truly wonderful family. All you kids make it a terrific troupe. And you are fortunate, as you know, to have such a wonderful Mom.

Sushiboy said...

happy 16.