Thursday, February 18, 2010

These 40 Days.....

Okay, it's late, it's been a long day, and I have a headache, so I don't have time for a really good, thought-out post. But today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the season of Lent, and I want to get my intentions down in print, therefore making it harder for me to ignore them and/or renege.

For my sacrifice, I will give McDonald's sweet tea. And I dearly LOVE sweet tea. But I need to learn to do without it, and this will definitely be a sacrifice.

For self-improvement, I will commit myself to doing my walking tape at least 3 days a week.

As a family, we are giving up electronics (TV, computer, and video games) one day a week. We are voting on Sunday as to which day each week it will be. Exceptions: I will have to look at work e-mail during school hours. The kids will be allowed any electronics at school. We will be allowed to ANSWER our cell phones, but no texting or checking email via phones.

40 days. We can do it.



Anonymous said...

I was hoping to get some ashes smeared on my forehead.
Unfortunately for me, all I had available was dirty rust from one of my previous loads.

I'm still amazed at what I find after 2 ft. of snow has melted + gone away.

karisma said...

I should like to give up the laundry as my machine is acting retarded! Do you think that counts? LOL

Palm Springs Savant said...

wow no texting, now that is a great sacrifice!

metalmom said...

Giving up the electronics? GAH!! Lemme know how that works out for ya!!