Sunday, February 21, 2010

And in other news....

Hey folks, just a quickie (hee, hee):

Rachael and I had a whirlwind of college visits this weekend. Saturday was University of Evansville. Very small private university, very nice, very expensive. Today was DePauw University. A little bigger,private, very beautiful, extremely expensive. Next weekend is Ball State University, where I went to college. Mid-size state univerity, not so expensive. It makes me sigh. The ultimate decision lies in the hands of the financial aid gods.

You may remember we were supposed to get Aaron's test results back on Feb.16. We had a bad snowstorm that day, and his appointment has been pushed back to March 3. It's just as well, because his teacher forgot to send in her part.

Joseph is doing well at IU. He will be 20 in March. I feel old. Daniel has FINALLY finished wrestling, is now in the chorus for the Spring musical and ramping up for track season. Aaron has been doing okay. He will be a participant in the wrestling clinic hosted by Daniel's team this week. He is looking forward to soccer.

Steven and I are hanging in there. 2 1/2 years. He didn't make it here this weekend. I miss him.

That's all for now. Pray for spring.


Just Dave said...

Thanks for the update. Quickies are always welcome. And don't forget, David Letterman went to Ball State (I think).

Hoosier Girl said...

Yeah, he did. It used to be something to brag about. Now, I'm not so sure....LOL!

Sushiboy said...

Isn't that in Muncie(sp?) ? Man it's been so long since I've been out there. I need to go back.

metalmom said...

I hear about so many people visiting a different college every week. Thank God that Holly got into her first choice and was able to visit the campus frequently (she has a few friends that are already there). I think I would go crazy if I had to do all of that!!