Friday, March 05, 2010

I am not dead.

Hello people.

I humbly apologize for my extended absence. I have no excuses except multiple college visits, parent-teacher conferences 2 nights, quick recall matches, and a 3-hour training. I have been crazy busy, and it isn't going to stop until March 20. That's when my school is hosting the Mayor's Cup Competition and I am the Academic Coordinator. To say that I have a lot to do is an understatement.

Anyway, all is well. Spring Break is coming.

How are you?



karisma said...

Im fine thanks! Glad to hear you are alive! Hugs xoxox

Sayre said...

I knew you were still kicking... And I also know that in addition to your crazy life, you have limited computer time during Lent. So I wasn't particularly worried. I haven't been posting nearly as much as usual either. The spring cleaning bug bit and today I'm tearing apart the master bath and giving it a very throrough cleaning (because you know my husband doesn't do THAT). The wash-the-shower-curtain, scrub-the-grout kind of cleaning. It never stops, does it?

Just Dave said...

I am not dead, also. Crazy coincidence, isn't it?

Brother Dave said...

Sounds like a good and healthy kind of busy for you.

Enjoy. Spring break is just around the corner.

Faye said...

Hey Hoosier Girl! Sounds like you're in the middle of your own March Madness! Hope things settle down for you soon. Bring on spring break.

I just stopped by to invite you to play Fun Monday on March 15. I'm hosting and the topic will be right up your alley--memories of school lunches. Stop by late Wednesday and sign up, if you can squeeze out the time.