Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can You Believe It?

You are NOT going to believe what time I have to be at work tomorrow:

4 AM.

I have to make the donuts and do the bread all by myself.

I get off at 12 noon. Then I'm going come home, take a nap for at least 2 hours, get up and go to Daniel's football family picnic, THEN go to Joseph and Rachael's play.

Then Monday I go to the first of 2 days of special education training.

I have a feeling by Monday evening I will be exhausted!
Say a prayer or two.



Sayre said...

You'd better be in bed now!!! That sounds like a long day. That nap is going to be a necessity!

Poppy said...

You have to be up in three hours!

It amuses me that you have to get up because "it's time to make the donuts!" hehehehe

Brother Dave said...

Monday evening you shall crash and burn.

Palm Springs Savant said...

early shifts can be fun, it is another whole world of people who get up that early or work overnight shifts. savor it!

metalmom said...

How ya feeling now?

I hope that Monday isn't the end of the world for you.

Hoosier Girl said...

Everyone - I survived! I went to bed at 9 PM, so by the time I got up at 3:30 I had had 6 1/2 hours of sleep and felt pretty good. I was a little druggy toward the end of the shift, but came home to a 2 hour nap and then felt good enough to go to Daniel's picnic for a couple of hours and then to Rachael and Joseph's play. But by the time I got home from the play around 10, I WAS ready to go back to bed. Today I was up easily at 7 AM, but needed a short catnap when I got home.
Thanks for your concern!!!


Tookie Tail said...

Goodness! You tire me just reading this. :(

Faiqa said...

You're amazing, I hope everyone appreciates how hard you work!!