Monday, July 27, 2009


I am officially a baker! I have been branded by the mega-oven and lived to tell the tale!

Okay, more straightforwardly, I burned my arm on the big bread oven Sunday morning. It did not require a trip to the emergency room, but it's the size of a playing card and it smarts from time to time. (I'm not going to put a picture up. It's not pretty) My boss at the deli/bakery said I am now officially a member of the bakery. They all have a burn mark to show from their years there. It happens.

Otherwise, I'm doing pretty well. I had a day of training in IEP's, which stands for Individualized Education Plan and is the document which outlines the educational plan for any student with a disability. The state of Kentucky saw fit to "streamline" our form and now we have two days of mandated training on the changes and updates. So far it looks pretty good.

One more day of IEP training, then back to the deli/bakery. Back to school is coming.

Hope you all had a great Monday!



Just Dave said...

Well, all we need now is a butcher and a candlestick maker. Hope you aren't scarred for life. Be careful.

Sushiboy said...

Hope it stop twinging soon.

Brother Dave said...

My Mom always grabbed the Sperti's Bio-Dyne ointment for a burn.

My Dad gave me a ride on a motorcycle when I was, perhaps, 7 years old. When I was dismounting my lower leg rubbed on the hot tail pipe.


My Mom said that I should not end up with a scar because the Sperti's Bio-Dyne would prevent that. The burn got cleaned and dressed twice a day, morning and bedtime, thanks to my Mother.

And no scar.

Hoosier Girl said...

JustDave - Har, har. I'm trying to stay out of trouble.

Sushi - It has. I'm fine. It just looks ugly.

BrotherDave - I did the same thing on a motorcycle when I was a kid, too. This one isn't bad, but there will probably be a scar. I will wear it proudly, as a badge of service.


Tookie Tail said...

Awww bummer. I find Silverdeen works well too. Not sure of the spelling here. LOL Be careful!!