Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Won!!!

I have been participating in the Healthmiles promotion through work. You enroll, pay a minimal monthly fee (mine is $7 a month), and you receive a pedometer with a computer upload cord. You get points (called Healthmiles) based on how many steps you take. You can also earn points by doing other activities, lowering your BMI, or referring other people to join. When you first join, they give you lots of bonus points, like the first time I logged over 12,000 steps in one day. There are two ways you can get money. The first way is when you move from one level to another based on how many points you have. When I got 7000 points, I got $25. When I get 12,000 points, I get $125. When I get 24,000 points, I get $175. It was fairly easy to get 7,000 points. It has taken me a bit longer to get to 12,000 points. I am just about to hit 12,000 and get my $125! Yeah!

BUT, there is a second way to get money. Each month, based on what membership you choose, you are entered in a drawing every day you log 7,000 steps. I am paying for the top membership, so every day I hit 7000 steps I get 4 entries. Last month I had over 100 entries. One person will win $1000, 40 people win $250 and 50 people win $100.

Today I got an email notifying me: I WON $250!!!! YEAH!!! All that walking and extra exercise has actually resulted in cash in my pocket. I will be logging onto the Healthmiles website tonight and requesting that my winnings be sent to me in the form of a check for $375!

After the way things have been going, this is definitely a boost. And even though working at the deli has been making me a little nuts lately, I was pleased to see that I have been scheduled for 34 hours next week (my first completely free week to work). I can make even MORE money. (And,no, money is NOT everything, but remember, this is the summer that I have to make as much money as possible to keep from completely drowning in the quicksand of debt)

Happy Thursday, folks!



Jay said...

That's awesome! $375 is a nice bonus!

Sayre said...

Wow! Getting fitter AND making extra dough for doing it! Way to go!

Superwoman said...

sweeet. Where can I sign up! lol.

Brother Dave said...

Well… you gotta pay the bills.

How exciting to have earned the Healthmiles money.

Tookie Tail said...

Woohoo...way to go, J!! Pat yourself on the back for that!

Just Dave said...

Congratulations. You are the only woman I know outside of Las Vegas that has made money from walking the streets - lol.

Trukindog said...

BMI ?...Bowel Movement Interruptions ??? :-)

Congrats on the win darlin, keep up the high steppin.

Hoosier Girl said...

Jay - Yeah, baby...I worked hard for the money.

Sayre - Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

Superwoman - You have to work for the state of Kentucky. Wanna move?

BrotherDave - I'm trying, Dave, I am sooooo trying.

Tookie - I'll have Steven pat my back for you. (wink)

JustDave - har, har. If only I made kind of money exercising.......

T-dog - BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It means how fat you are. And thank you.


Poppy said...