Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.......

Hey there....
Is it Sunday already? This has been a busy weekend! First, I worked at K**ger Friday until 7, then picked up Steven! Saturday we had to get the boys off to go camping with their dad, and Joseph off on his weeklong roadtrip with his college buddies, THEN finally we were ALONE (Rachael had play practice then she headed off with a friend, anxious to NOT be stuck home with us). We hit Sears and Sams Club, but the best stop was Kay Jewelers, where Steven bought me a lovely gold chain to replace the one that broke so I could go back to wearing the beautiful diamond heart he bought me last Valentines Day. (It's actually a much nicer chain than the one that came with the necklace. This chain cost almost as much as the original necklace did. It is so nice.)

Then we went out to Kobe Steak House (think: Benihana's) for some amazing scallops and steak. We went to bed early for cuddling and such, and slept as late as we could this morning. I took him to his truck around noon so he could head for Alabama and I could head for the deli for an 8 1/2 hour shift. AND I get to do ANOTHER ONE TOMORROW. I just keep repeating over and over: "I need the money, I need the money. Long story short: It was a GREAT weekend. (thanks, Steven!)

Anyway, I am actually home alone tonight. It's weird. I'm hardly EVER here by myself. This is going to be a busy week. I have 34 work hours at the deli, and 12 hours of paid professional development on Wed. and Thursday. At least I'm going to make some bucks this week!

Since I love my kitties, here is a cat quiz for you cat lovers:
"What Breed of Cat Are You?"

You Are a Ragdoll Cat

You are extremely cute and cuddly. You are downright adorable.

Your personality matches your exterior. You are very laid back and sweet.

You don't really like the outdoors. You prefer to stay inside where it's cozy.

Luckily, you are the perfect houseguest. You are polite and obedient.

Which breed are YOU?

Hope you had a great weekend.



Sayre said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend with Stephen (and no kids!!!) You had me going there for a moment with the trip to Kay's...

I'm a Maine Coon Cat: You tend to be loving and playful around your family and friends. But when you're around strangers you tend to be a bit reserved.

You are intuitive. You understand human emotions well. You do best when you are around people. You don't like being left alone.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Sounds like a great weekend (I love Benihana, so Kobe sounds good)! What a busy week. Try to relax some. ;-)