Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Tomorrow is June 1! Aaaaah! How did it get to be summer already?! Of course, it's not REALLY summer until you're out of school and I'm NOT "out" until FRIDAY!!! So, while everyone else is sleeping in in the morning, I'll be getting up and going to work. Ugh. In case you didn't know, there was a "hurricane-like wind event" here in the area in the fall that knocked out power for most of the week. Ie: no school for a week. THEN, we had an ice storm in February that knocked it all back out again. Ie: no school for another week. Two mini-vacations equals school in JUNE!!!

This was an up and down weekend for me. Good thing: Steven arrived on Friday night. Bad thing: We squabbled almost all day Saturday, with a truly horrendous misunderstanding Saturday night. Good thing: I had all day Saturday off. Bad thing: I did not enjoy most of it because of the squabbling. Good thing: Daniel went to his 8th grade dance Saturday night and had a great time. Bad thing: I was so mad at Steven that I drove him back to his truck Saturday night (he wasn't supposed to be leaving until today). And at that point, I was completely okay with him leaving and not really sure when I felt like talking to him again. And he was very much upset with me.

Very Good thing: After some cooling off and lots of talking on the phone, I went back to pick him up from his truck late last night, we slept in this morning, we had some very good talks (in bed, snuggling) and now I think we're back on track. Dating is tough.

In other news, Tuesday is Daniel's 15th birthday. I have tons of photos to upload of him and his 8th grade graduation, so stop back by on Tuesday to wish him "happy birthday!".

Have a good week, folks.


Trukindog said...

Are you sure you didn't mean to title this post The Good The Bad & The Mushy? ;-)

Bummer ya gotta go to school tomorrow but if it makes ya feel any better I gotta get up at 3A.M. for work.

karisma said...

Hmmm! Well at least it turned out good in the end. Its the first day of winter here and its cold!!!! I like the way you looked on the bright side of things.

Blondefabulous said...

Well, we're out of school already. Summer has begun here!

Sayre said...

Today is the first day of no school here. So what did ZBoy do? He got up extra-early!!! Argh!

We get extra days for hurricanes. Thank goodness we didn't have any storms that affected school this past year. I think that may be why they build in the half days at the end - if we have to make up time they just turn them into full days.

It's not just dating that's hard. Marriage is too. Anytime another person is involved, there's gonna be conflict - it's a given. You're lucky that there was also a making-up as well!

Brother Dave said...

I cannot imagine that the disagreements between you and Steven are a result of 'control issue' on the part of either.

When squabbles boil up because one person in the relationship is always pushing to control things, then that is not a balanced arrangement.

Certainly there are points of disagreement that come from both of you.

In some relationships there can be the same person always trying to change the other.

Glad things are patched up.