Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!

My middle son, Daniel, turned 15 today. His gift from me was in 3 parts: 1. I finally sent his Wii off to be repaired. Cost - $75. 2. I bought him a computer desk which was 50% off in the Memorial Day sales. Cost - $40. 3. Steven researched and found a lightly used, practically new Dell computer on Craigslist, e-mailed the man, asked all the appropriate questions, and negotiated the cost down to the $175 Daniel had already saved from Christmas toward the purchase of a personal computer. I went and picked it up, had my brother-in-law check it over, and hid it until today. He was amazingly thrilled and happy and I got a HUGE hug for it. And the best gift of all (to me) was to see the look of complete and total satisfaction. He was one happy camper.

These pictures are from all the events of the last week or so: Daniel's 8th grade awards banquet (Wed. night), his graduation mass (Thurs. night), his deanery 8th grade dance (Saturday night), and his birthday dinner out tonight at Pizza King with the family. The last picture is him with his new computer.

Happy Birthday, Daniel!


Sayre said...

Wow! big week for Daniel! Love the pictures. And good job, Mom, on providing a grat birthday!

Just Dave said...

Happy birthday, Daniel. Enjoy your teens-they will be gone all too soon.

Brother Dave said...

Your small, light blue text is unreadable against your background.

Hoosier Girl said...

Sayre - Thanks! He's a good kid.

Just Dave - I'm trying!

Brother Dave - You're the second person to tell me that, but it displays correctly for me. So I have bolded the text for now. I hope it straightens out.


Brother Dave said...

Your kids and their friends provide far too much fun for you.

This time I got everything in an off-white rectangle. Not sure why bolding the text made a difference. Perhaps coincidence.

Trukindog said...

Well now that your blog is readable again...Happy B-Day Daniel, I hope you know how cool your mom is.

Anna said...

I have to say...I am totally jealous of his birthday dinner at Pizza King! I miss that place soooo much.

metalmom said...

Your son is very lucky to have a mom like you. The birthdays where you give great gifts especially the 'slightly-loved' and the 'gently-repaired' are the best. Those are the most appreciated.

Happy birthday, graduation, and everything else!!