Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that......

THINGS are coming. Many different things:

1. Next weekend is the Mid-America Truck Show. You might remember that Steven and I went last year and had a great time. This year's entertainment is Aaron Tippin. Steven will be here hopefully on Thursday. I'm taking Friday off so we can go all day without the family crowds.

2. March 20 is the 7 yr. anniversary of my divorce. It is profound to me that it has been 7 years. My life has changed and improved in so many ways. I would never recommend divorce to anyone, but in lots of ways I'm glad it happened. I have grown as a person, learned to take care of myself, and had the opportunity to meet someone who is really right for me (you know who I mean).

3. March 24 is Joseph's birthday. My oldest son will be 19. I know some of you who read this blog have children older than that, but I can't believe MY FIRST BABY is that old. Wasn't he just 6 the other day? Didn't I just take him to his first day of school? I am really blessed that he is so happy and healthy. I just wish he didn't look so grown up.

4. Coming soon, to a house near me. Actually....coming soon to MY HOUSE: a "new to me" washer and dryer. Steven found a 3 yr. old set, washer AND dryer, for only $125 on Craigslist. AND, he's buying them for me - thank you very much, sweetie! The guy was selling them because he's moving in with his fiance and they don't need two sets. I went to see them on Saturday (and got seriously lost in Crestwood, Kentucky). My brother is going to help me get them next weekend!!! Yes, that's right - this is my last weekend to visit the laundrymat. Awww, too bad. (can you tell I'm all broken up over it?)

5. ALSO COMING TO MY HOUSE: a "new to me" couch. My parents are getting new furniture and so I get their "much nicer and bigger and comfier than mine" couch. My couch set has been slowly falling apart, so this will solve THAT problem.

6. Spring Break, parts 1, 2, and 3. Joseph is on break from IU this week. Rachael, Daniel and Aaron have their break starting on March 23. I think the boys will go spend part of that week with their dad in Indianapolis. Then MY spring break starts the week of March 30. Which basically means no one goes anywhere. But it will be nice to have some time off, in any form.

7.Finally, who can resist a good quiz? What kind of cupcake are you? Of course, I'm a chocolate cupcake. Yummy!

You Are a Chocolate Cupcake

You are deep, richly interesting, and at times overpowering. You have a strong personality.

You are drawn to people who adore you. You love it when your specialness is recognized.

You are like a cupcake because it's hard for people to get enough of you.

You have a mysterious charm that makes you incredibly addicting. People are drawn to your drama.

Have a great week, everyone.
Big cyber-hugs from me to you!!!


trkndude299 said...

Awe, sniff. Arent you a sweetie.

Sounds to me like you have a lot to be thankful for. (not the appliances, or truck show),
but healthy, happy family stuff.
I agree, you are due for a new couch. The old one is - well, it's just there taking up space.
Spring Brake? Oh yeah, I have them on my truck + trailer, but mine go at the same time. Makes it easier for the tires to roll together.

Hee hee. I'm a Carrot Cake Cupcake!
Ha ha ha. Sooo true. (stop laughing at me! Stop it, I still see you laughing.)

Jay said...

I know some people I actually WOULD recommend divorce too. Sometimes it really is for the best for everyone.

Truck show? That sounds like it would be fun.

Tookie Tail said...

Oh it sounds like you have a great week ahead of you! Woohoo! No more laundromats!
By the way...I'm a chocolate cupcake too! hehe

e.Craig Crawford said...

Glad to hear you're getting an "almost new" washer & dryer. Great price .. makes the Scotsman in me proud to know such a thrifty couple, lass.

Sushiboy said...

Hooray for a dryer, a washer and a couch!

Brother Dave said...

That is joyful news. Washer AND dryer. And a couch to boot.

Christmas came early.

And yes, you will sorely miss the laundromat.

Superwoman said...

What great news! I was a carrot cake cupcake and it was actually pretty accurate.
You are a complex person. You have many interesting layers to your personality, though others might not know it.
You are drawn to a cross section of people. You friends play different roles in your life.

You are like a cupcake because you are are deceptively simple. There's actually a lot to you!
There are many ingredients in your life, and you only want them in proper amounts. Being you is a delicate art.

Blondefabulous said...

Good news on the washer and dryer! Also on the couch. Did freecycle help any??

AmyD said...

New couch, new washer and dryer... GOOD FOR YOU!


HoosierGirl5 said...

T-dude - You ARE a carrot cake cupcake! So true, so true.

Jay - From a personal standpoint, I wish I had gotten a divorce sooner. But I would have never deliberately broken up my family. And the truck show IS fun. At least it was last year.

Tookie - Of course you're a chocolate cupcake. All the FUN teachers are.

E.Craig - Well, I'm pretty good with cutting costs, but you can credit this deal to Steven. He did the looking AND the finding.

Sushi - Oh yes. Hooray!!!

Brother Dave - Yes, I am crying over the lost time at the laundrymat. Really. (sniff)

Superwoman - Yep, it's a good week. And it's only Monday!

Blondefabulous - Freecycle did not turn up a dryer, but I am still looking at it daily to find some of the other things I need.

Amy - Yes, it WILL be good - to only have to go downstairs to do laundry, instead of out the door and up the hill.