Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 on Tuesday

This week's "10 on Tuesday" topic is "10 Things on Your To-Do List". This is a perfect topic for me, because I am on spring break and need to get some things done.

1. Apply to teach summer school. Done!
2. Call the street department to get them to come get the mattresses, old couch, and carpet roll I put in the alley. Done!
3. Make a resume. Done!
4. Apply to Sylvan, Huntington, and other "tutoring" sites for part-time job. Done!
5. Volunteer to serve lunch at Daniel and Aaron's school. (Friday)
6. Get hair touched up or highlighted to cover up unmentionable color of random hairs. Tomorrow! Done! (pictures to follow)
7. Write budget, pay bills, and make meal plan for this week AND next week. Working on!
8. Talk to lady at the Credit Union about refinancing my home loan. (Thursday) Friday
9. Take Rachael shopping for prom dress. Saturday afternoon, hopefully.
10. Read a book for pleasure. Bought! (Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox)Reading!

UPDATE: Oh shit, I totally forgot! #11. Get my taxes done! (STILL NEED TO DO! ARRGH!) #12. Call electrician and have dryer plug fixed so I can actually USE it!!! (Electrician coming Thursday) Done!

And I guess, eventually, I should write my lesson plans for next week. Sometime before Monday at least.

If you had or will have a spring break, what will YOU get done? Any suggestions for something I should be doing?



Sayre said...

This week is ZBoy's spring break - and I'm getting nothing extra accomplished. Just doing work at work and at home and trading off with the husband.

Now if I had a spring break all to myself....

e.Craig Crawford said...

You're making progress!

I like #6. You obviously want to hide those blond roots. (snicker)

Sushiboy said...

My spring break.

Work, homework. Hope yours is more interesting and fun!

Brother Dave said...

You have made a great start.

And that is quite a list.

Tookie Tail said...

I have a suggestion on what you can do! RELAX! hehe
Find something FUN for you to do. If not but a few minutes each day.
I never have a Spring Break. Waaaa!
At least I had them while i was teaching. When it's Spring Break here, I just have one more child to keep. *whew* When does MiMi get a turn? LOL
Enjoy your break enough for both of us!

Hoosier Girl said...

Sayre - Well, I always turn mine into a working vacation because I still have to get up every morning and take the kids to school, and then go back and pick them up at 3. Besides, the kids and I are never off on the same week anyway, so we can't really go anywhere, even if I could afford it.

Craig - Yes, I AM getting things done. I wish my problem was BLONDE roots. It's another color, which shall not be mentioned here, that must be eradicated at all costs.

Sushi - My spring break is pretty much a "catch up" week. But it IS probably more fun than homework.

Brother Dave - And I added two more important ones today. But I WILL get it all done, or die trying.

Tookie - Well, I HAVE had some fun already. Steven got here Sunday and didn't leave until Tuesday morning, so we did have all day Monday together. And he took me out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Also, I consider getting to serve lunch at the kids' school fun because as a teacher in a different school district, I hardly ever get to volunteer at their school. Aaron is very excited about it. For me, it's very relaxing to just have time to get things done.

As for "When does Mimi get a turn?, this is also the week that my parents get to "take a break". My dad usually picks the kids up from school for me every day (they go to Catholic school. No buses) and they make dinner for my kids every Tuesday night because I have faculty meeting and don't get home until late. So this week they don't have to do all that.


Brother Dave said...

Yes… getting your taxes done and your dryer hooked up are big priorities.