Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good News!

#1 - The electrician came. It was a simple breaker box problem, and he only charged me $15!!! I am so happy. I can do laundry again. HERE. At the house. NO MORE LAUNDRYMAT! (Thank you again, sweetie)

#2 - Aaron got a "C" on his last report card in Spelling. His teacher said spelling was "not his strong suit". But he used to get good grades in spelling last year. So I was determined that we would attack the spelling list each week. Unfortunately the first list after spring break was a really hard one - "ough", "augh" words. HOWEVER.....he got a 100% on the Wednesday pretest!!!! Homerun on the very first week!

#3 - My new hair! Yesterday I got it highlighted and cut in a new style. This isn't the greatest picture, but you can kinda see it. Of course, it also shows I need to lose weight, but focus on how good the highlights look.

Happy Thursday!



Finn said...

Love the hair; it's very flattering on you!

Brother Dave said...

No more laundromat trips. Hooray!

Congratulations to Aaron on spelling improvement. I use "spell check."

Great highlights. A new, fresh look.


e.Craig Crawford said...

Great accomplishments. You're lookin' good.

Anonymous said...

Great haircut....I love the new look!

Sayre said...

LOVE, love love the hair!!! My streaks are natural - gray...

I hate laundromats. Thank goodness you've got your electrical problems worked out!

Hoosier Girl said...
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Hoosier Girl said...

Finn- Thanks! I like it, too.

Brother Dave - I am really excited about NOT going to the laundrymat anymore. And I'm sorry to tell you, but Spellcheck isn't allowed on 3rd grade spelling tests. Glad you like the hair.

E.Craig - It's amazing how we take modern conveniences for granted until we lose them.

G.O.T.J. - Thanks! Now let's hope I can DO IT the way the girl at the salon did it.

Sayre - Actually, the laundromat I used was really nice and clean, and all the women who worked there were friendly. But hauling 4 or 5 loads of wet laundry out to my car, into the laundrymat, paying $5 to dry, folding, hauling BACK out to my car, then BACK into my house - yeah, I can live without that!


Blondefabulous said...

Super news on the laundering aids! I also LOVE your hair! Its totally awesome!

J. said...

I love your hair! Looks great on you!