Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Got Pitchas!!!

Okay, get ready! Because I'm going to catch up on all the pictures I've been wanting to post:

First, signs of spring:

I LOVE pink tulips!!! (hint, hint)
And these are my first daffodils to pop up.

I stopped by Starbucks the other day to say hello to some of Joseph's buddies from work. I WANT this lamb - he's so cute!!

I love the new Starbucks springtime mugs.

This is my baby, Mustache, sitting in Aaron's lap. He LOVES to snuggle with anyone!

Next up, Truck Show pictures. This is me and Aaron Tippin, who we didn't get to see because I got a major sinus headache.

Military truck. Very cool, inside and out.

Gulf Oil had an awesome setup of an "old time" gas station, complete with the old pumps. I remember going to stations like this as a kid.

Of course, Hooters always has a huge booth at the Truck Show. I should have take a picture of the girls - they were young and stuffed into their tank tops and "Daisy Dukes". LOTS of guys standing around, just a-lookin'. I took a picture of this t-shirt for E.Craig. And no, it's not me in that shirt - it's a mannequin. Sorry - I'm not that "filled out".

They had a whole display of old-fashioned trucks, too.

Okay, now for the KID SECTION:

Aaron, getting his first haircut at a real barbershop.

Daniel and his buddies, who were his "guinea pigs" for his science fair project. Daniel is the cute blonde on the far left.

Joseph and Rachael and their mutual friend, Skye, when we went up to see Joseph in his "off-off-off Broadway" play.

Me and Rachael at her induction into National Honor Sociey.

Rachael and all her friends who made National Honor Society. ALL of these girls (and one guy) have been in school with Rachael since kindergarten.

Joseph and his friends from the play. Notice they are all girls!

Me and Joseph at his play.

When Rachael and I took Joseph back to IU last weekend, we realized that Rachael had never seen his dorm room. So we went up, and Joseph showed her around. I told them the title of this picture was "Rachael visits the dorm." Don't they look great together?

Hope you enjoyed the photos!
Have a great week!



Sayre said...

Looks like you've got a few thespians in your family! We've got quite a few too.

Spring break is this week for us - only that doesn't mean any alone time for me!

Superwoman said...

What a fun post! You have the greatest kids!

Hoosier Girl said...

Sayre - Yeah, it's MY spring break this week, too. Only that means up early every morning to take the kids to school, and then back at school for pick up every afternoon by 3.

Have fun with Z-boy.


Hoosier Girl said...

Superwoman - Thanks! I like 'em, too....MOST of the time!


captain corky said...

Great family pics and that Joseph must be pretty smart joining a play with all broads. ;)

Brother Dave said...

Terrific photos, all.

Thanks for [finally] posting them.

Tookie Tail said...

Oh I love pictures in blogs! :) Love the flowers! so pretty! Looks like life is keeping you busy! Keep Smiling!

e.Craig Crawford said...

Great pics. Happy Spring Break!

It does not diminish one iota .. the appreciation I have for being thought of so artfully .. the fact that I'm not into huge floaters. So thank you.

Hoosier Girl said...

Corky - He LOVES the attention!

Brother Dave - You are (finally) welcome. (smirk)

Tookie - I'm glad you liked them! I love showing off my kids!

Craig - Oh, I didn't snap the pic because of the filling - I snapped it for you because of your nickname for me. If I could wear the shirt without being associated with the restaurant, I would. But you KNOW how I feel about Hooters!