Tuesday, August 05, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Yesterday was great!!! I got to sleep in, with the sexiest man on earth. Then I got to run around all over Kentuckiana with him, running errands and test-driving a Honda minivan. THEN we went grocery shopping and HE made dinner! THEN we worked on my budget together and went to bed for some very meaningful snuggling. I love spending time with Steven. I am crazy about this man and all he does for me!

But then....today came along. (sigh) He had to leave for Boston, and I had to go to reading training. So we got up early, grabbed some McD's, and went off on our separate ways. It definitely makes a boring reading training easier to take if you have good thoughts to think.(smile)

So, this week's "10 on Tuesday" is "10 Events that SHOULD be in the Olympics". Yano posted a fairly respectable list. Here are his choices:

1. In-line skating: short track speedskating is already a winter Olympics sport, why not the summer equivalent?
2. Iron man triathalon: it would be like the equivalent of the track and field pentathalon, but much more grueling
3. Billiards: So non-healthy smokers can get into the Olympics, too
4. Mixed Martial Arts: the Olympic Octagon!
5. Whirly Ball (google it!)
6. Rugby
7. Bowling
8. Ballroom Dancing: so we can cry to the screen, “but it looked so beautiful!” when they get low technical marks, just like in ice skating
9. Frisbee Golf
10. Hide and Seek - each country gets one person to play. The seeker is a neutral person. it could be boring to watch, but hidden cameras may make it more fun.

In my opinion, his choices are way too tame. Here are MY choices:

1. Cell phone texting while driving. (Must send as many texts as possible correctly while speeding on a race course)

2. Walking through a living room at night obstacle course.(Combines hurdling, pole vaulting, and strong feet)

3. Speed grocery shopping.(Speed, strength, agility and strategy)

4. Multi-tasking chores - timed.(Make dinner, clean the house, help with homework, answer the phone, drive a kid back and forth to practice, and finish with your hair intact)

5. Mechanical bull-riding.(We could hold the trials in country/western bars)

6. Sleeping child-lifting. (Weight lifting with gymnastics moves)

7. Ex-spouse electrical cattle prod fencing.(Fencing and Archery)

8. Twin 2yr. old bathing.(Aquatics)

9. Fantasy football.(Think of the computer geeks!)

10. Paper wad trashcan basketball. (think of the CEOS we could recruit!)

What are YOUR suggestions?
Happy Tuesday!


Superwoman said...

lol, the texting one would have a lot of casualties I think! I'm glad you got to spend some time with Steve and good luck with school. Cookie and cakes start on the 27th.

Yorksdevil said...

Track & Field Pentathlon hasn't been in the Olympics for a long time. The women do the Heptathlon. Rugby Sevens is already an Olympic sport. If Rugby League was an Olympic sport GBR might actually get a medal in it.

We definitely shouldn't be encouraging people to use phones while driving.

Allison said...

You had some creative ideas!
I also did this this week

Teena in Toronto said...

I wouldn't win any of yours! Ha!

I played too :)

e.Craig Crawford said...

Re: "Yesterday was great!!! I got to sleep in, with the sexiest man on earth."

You did NOT get to sleep in with me.. so don't say ya did! ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Superwoman - Honestly, I think a lot of people would do well at the texting one...they do it now anyway. And yes, the time with Steven was very good.

York - Oh, I'm not encouraging them. But just think of the competition.

Allison - I will check yours out. You can thank the very boring reading training I was stuck in today for the creativity. I had a lot of time to think!

Craig - As hot as you are, you are not the sexiest man on earth. I know 'cause I'm dating him! BUT you are a really close THIRD (Brother Dave being second). ;-)


Sayre said...

I would TOTALLY excel in number 6. The coup de gras would be not waking the sleeping child as you did the maneuvers. You can hand me the gold medal now.

Thank you.

Brother Dave said...

No one coould top your fantastic list, J.

heather said...

no fair making #7 for ex-spouses only!
and i want a taser, not a cattle prod. ;)

Jay said...

How making throwing back shots of tequila an Olympic sport? I think I would be pretty competitive at that!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sayre - You have to drive to Indiana to receive your medal. Sorry, Olympic rules.

Brother Dave - It IS pretty amazing what one can do when one is bored out of her mind at a training day.

Heather - Now, now.

Jay - And you could do the fantasy football, too. What an athlete!


trkndude299 said...

This was a good read.
I really laughed at your Craig / Dave comment. I didn't see that coming.
I've been zapped by a cattle prod + I can tell you I was quite pissed and burned where the metal rivets from my jeans touched my skin.
Jeez, that was 2 years ago, and I can still sense that smell, and cring at the pain.
Soo many thought's / comments; so little typing skill.
I'm outta heah babe!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sexy trucker - I'm glad you liked it. I would never zap YOU with a cattle prod...Promise! As for Craig and Brother Dave, I don't think either one of them saw it, so my humor was lost.