Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer or Winter?

Happy Wednesday!


You Are a Winter Person

You are calm, serious, and focused.

You're the type of person who appreciates the quiet and calm.

Winter is the perfect time for you to get cozy and work on a hobby.

Summer is a bit too hectic for you. You like the dead of winter... preferably with a roaring fire inside.

Which one are you?
Only two days until BACK TO WORK. UGH.



Finn said...

Apparently I am a summer person, but I really feel like more of an autumn... ;D

Shen-Shen said...

I'm most definitely a summer person. And ugh, two days is way too soon!! I go back to school on September 4th, which is a week earlier than last year..

Superwoman said...

I am a summer person. I really don't like extremes on either end though, I hate it really hot and really cold, I think they also need to add spring and fall, I think I would be a spring person. I love it when everything wakes up and comes to life again!

You are energetic, outgoing, and active.
You love to be out and about... hanging out with friends or getting things done.

Summer is the perfect time for you to be as hyper as you want to be.
In fact, during the rest of the year you feel half-asleep!

Sayre said...

I am definitely a winter person. One of my goals in life is to move to somewhere that actually HAS winter.

Sushiboy said...

I'm winter.

Two more days and I'm out of school for 2 weeks. *Cheer*

Sayre said...

Hey! Present for you! On my blog! Plus a meme/tag (just in case you run low on inspiration or something...)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Finn - I was surprised to be a "winter". I would have picked fall for me, too.

Shen-shen - September sounds good. I go NEXT week! ugh.

Superwoman - I think the explanation of summer fits you.

Sushi - Rub it in, why don't you? Does this mean you'll start blogging again? And you're a winter, like me!

Sayre - Yay! I love presents. I will go check it out.


trkndude299 said...

Well, I'm a (yawn) summer dude.
I kinda figgered this, since winter makes my existence quite miserable.
Yea Sun, yea mild heat.

HoosierGirl5 said...

T-dude - I can definitely see you as a summer dude. You're not a happy camper driving in snow and ice.


trkndude299 said...

yup yup.