Friday, January 11, 2008

The Real Me

Oh my gosh, I've been immortalized! Check it out HERE!

After an endless amount of time, E.Craig has finally stopped harassing teasing me. NOW he sees me as I truly am! Thanks, Craig! Your coffee is on the way!

Have a great weekend!


coffeypot said...

Very nice after all the, uh, teasing. But I think I like the devil in you a little more.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I always knew you were an angel J....

Brother Dave said...

w0w… so e.craig extorted a shipment of coffee beans to get him to be nice to you?

J. said...

You are the sweetness, and although I don't comment often, I always read you through bloglines.

Just Dave said...

My goodness. Nice..., well, nice. I am glad yougot off the demon list. I can see what first drew Steve to ask you out.

e.Craig Crawford said...

I'm surprized that Brother Dave figured out my game. Well .. now that it's out in the open, I'm still trying to figure out what variety I want.
On the one hand I would say just snail mail me a check for $8, and I'll pick up a pound of bulk Sumatran beans at Meijer. I have yet to be disappointed by that particular "store bought" bulk bean.
Then there's that part of me that wants you to order a $14 pound of beans from Seth (plus $4 shipping). Of course, a $24 to $28 purchase will get you free shipping. Just sayin'. ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Coffeypot - Trust me, I'm still a little devilish...(wink)

Palm Springs Savant - Thank you, sweetie.

Brother Dave - Actually, he never did name his terms...but I figured if I kept repeating my offer of coffee over and over, his lust for coffee would overcome his giddiness with his Photoshop talents...and it worked!

J. - Thank you! That is so sweet of you!!

Just Dave - Thanks for the compliment, babe. But Steven had only seen a picture of my face when he asked me out. And on our first date, I was wearing my favorite oversized pink hoodie. So he didn't find out about until our second date, when I deliberately wore a sexy sweater....(wink)

E.Craig - What's your favorite flavor from Old Bisbee's?


Just Dave said...

Your face would be sufficient to draw ne but, of course, I am a shameless flirt.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Just Dave - Awwww...aren't you sweet! Flirt away! I love it! Thanks for the compliments - again. It's nice to know you weren't just complimenting my front!


e.Craig Crawford said...

I have a couple favorites and one of them, a Guatemalan variety, should be in my mailbox tomorrow morning. That's a $14/lb coffee. The other pound is a$12 variety from Salvador.
I have found the Indonesian varieties to be among my favorites too. Truth to tell, I've never met a variety I didn't like.