Friday, September 21, 2007

Just For Fun.....

Mindless fun:
I did something just for fun tonight: I watched the opening episode of "Survivor: China" with my two oldest kids. This has been a long and stressful week. Usually I don't dare take a whole hour from 8-9 (right in the middle of homework, baths, catch-up around the house) to sit down and do nothing, but tonight I said, "what the hell". A few years ago, Rachael and I got totally caught up in Survivor 2, so it was kind of fun to watch it again.

These people totally crack me up. One girl was wearing heels! Another girl had no bra on! And they all seem completely incapable of getting along, right from the very beginning. My favorite guy is Dave. He's tall, handsome, and quiet, and doesn't fight with anyone. He works and stays out of all the prima donnas' ways. The bitchy females are so funny, as well as the requisite conniving men. Where do they get these people?

Anyway, they voted off the wrong guy. They voted off "Chicken", an older guy who has been kind of grouchy, but at least he was doing some work. I would have voted off Ashley. She was sick as a dog for two days and did absolutely nothing. She's a female wrestler AND has the biggest boobs I've ever seen! My daughter and I were both amazed. Where do you find a bra for that size? Where do you buy tops? How do you ever sleep on your stomach? And one of her teammates, an elementary school teacher, for God's sake, who showed up in heels, is also substantially endowed. I guess they're aiming at male audiences. But Lord, please put some tops on.

Not so fun:
Tuesday night Aaron and I went to the gym, and afterwards I promised him a small smoothie from Smoothie King. Guess who forgot that strawberry smoothies are definitely a no-no? I will say that it was good going down, but I was very uncomfortable all that night and the next day. No more strawberries for me. Ouch.

Upcoming fun:
The verdict is finally in: Gary does like me. (sigh of relief) He and I talked for an hour tonight and we're going to see each other tomorrow night, after he gets off work. One of my theories about why I had hardly heard from him this week was that he was scared of going too fast, and I was right. He was actually afraid that if he called me too much I would think he was being a pest! (Is he kidding? Pester me! Please!) So after we talked about it, he said he had been thinking about me all week and he did want to see me as soon as possible. (big grin) I'm afraid to get my hopes up too high, but I am going to get to see him tomorrow night. I'm just glad to know I wasn't wrong about what I thought were his feelings last Saturday.

More upcoming fun:
Tomorrow is payday! (thank God)
Saturday is a big football game for Daniel.

Have a good weekend, all.

PS. I've lost 2 more pounds. This brings the total to 18! 6 more pounds and I will be at my first goal mark. Yay!


Sayre said...

What a great post! I went from feeling vaguely worried about you to quite happy to hear ALL your news! Well, the strawberry thing sucks, but you know what I mean. Congrats on the 2 lbs. I did that this past week too! With a huge sigh of relief, I might add. I'm working my butt off and it's nice to see results in that little number window.

Have a good time with Gary this weeekend!

Marni said...

Hey! Found you thru Canadian Flake.

Love your take on Survivor. I love that show!

Sorry about the dating worries... glad it is all working out, though.

RWA said...

Are you kidding me? Ashley Massaro is on "Survivor: China"?!??!?!?!

I will have to watch that for sure.

Jay said...

Well of course Gary likes you! What's not to like?!? ;-)

Brother Dave said...

Great news all around.


Saturday football.

And Gary.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Sayre - I'll let you know how it goes.

Marni - Welcome! Any friend of the Flake is a friend of mine. I loved YOUR survivor post, too!

RWA - You've HEARD of the big boob chick?!

Jay - Awwwww. You are too sweet. I still want to marry you. (wink)

Dave - Yep. It's a good one. More soon.


Canadian flake said...

wooooohoooooooo I am doing the snoopy happy dance for you here.

my fingers are crossed for ya

Canadian flake said...

got so excited for you that I forgot all about

I was glad to see that chicken hick get "plucked"

I love Survivor ..stop by my blog for Survivor Fridays...when you get a spare minute..