Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Better in the morning....

Thanks, everyone, for all your encouraging words last night. You were right. I was really tired. And I forgot that it was almost "that time of the month". I'm always really emotional a few days before. Which would explain why I cried for no apparent reason on Saturday, and was almost in tears several times yesterday. Ironically, now that "my friend" has come (this very morning), I won't be as emotional. Good thing.

What was confusing to me is that I don't know how to play "the dating game" very well. If Gary is really my friend first, as Silver Willow says all good relationships start out being, then I shouldn't have to wonder why he didn't call or e-mail yesterday. I could just call him up and say, "Hey, what's going on?" I shouldn't have to worry about calling too much, or letting him "pursue" me. I know he is worried about going too fast, because he was burned in his last relationship. And no contact for one day is no big deal. Don't tell me to be patient and take it slow. I know, I know, I know. I guess I do know how to play the game - I just don't like the rules.

Second, Baron called me last night (couldn't you just see that coming?). Every time he calls I get confused. I can't stop caring about him. But my feelings, whatever they are, confuse me, especially now in relationship to all these new feelings for Gary. When Gary and I were out Saturday night, I felt that "tingle" you get when you meet someone you really like, that "wow, this could be something" feeling. Which is why it's hard to tone that feeling down to "go slow".

Anyway, I have the whole week to wrestle with all this, because Saturday is the soonest I could see Gary again (if he even asks). But I just wanted to tell you all I feel better this morning.

A good night's sleep and a shower in the morning do wonders.


RWA said...

Glad you're feeling better!

SilverWillow said...

I am so glad today is a better day for you! And yes, that lovely "friend" that we get each month is surely a beast. I confess that sometimes I cry at Tide commercials! LOL

Happy Tuesday :x)

Mimi said...

I'm glad your day is going better. Dude, when I'm tired or hungry or pre-that-time I am a wreck...and every month it comes as a surprise!!

And good luck with Gary. My step-father always said that two people in a relationship should be able to stand side by side like two columns. One should never lean more on the other...they should stand strong together. Easier said than done, I know, and sometimes I wasn't even sure what it meant, but it helped!!

HoosierGirl5 said...

RWA - Thanks!

Silver Willow - I had a horrible day at school, but I'm not going to go into THAT. (sigh)

Mimi - I'm even more confused today. I got a very generic "Hi, how's it going?" e-mail from him today. I feel like he's either not interested, or he's scared because he IS interested and he doesn't want to go too fast. Either way, I miss talking to him. (double sigh)


Sayre said...

Come on, J - he sent you an email! He wants SOME kind of contact. Did you answer him? Did you tell him how it was going? That you really like him and think that he's worth knowing better? Did you ask HIM how it was going? That email is a good sign, I think.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

captain corky said...

Glad you're feeling better. A good cup cup of coffee never hurts either, but you know that. ;)

Canadian flake said...

glad you are feeling better...the dating game is never an easy one...mostly because you have to deal with men...who are soooo illogical, even at the best of time...lmao.