Monday, August 06, 2007

Just in time.....

Oh my gosh, watch this video about diet soft drinks and caffeine!

I gave it up just in time!!



RWA said...

See? By quitting, you are saving yourself from becoming like Elton John, Victoria Beckham or Bill Clinton!!!

How about the woman who said Diet Coke was her "water"? Are you kidding? More than a case a day?!?!?!?!

Coca-Cola should be paying that woman for the advertising - and keeping them in business.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Yes, I definitely don't want to be like Bill Clinton!! (grin)

That lady made me look like a featherweight! The most I used to have was one large McDonald's cup a day...okay, maybe two. But a case?!

I'm glad I gave it up.

Tense Teacher said...

I have cut down to one Diet Coke a day this summer... And it sounds like none too soon.

Jay said...

I don't drink Coke products. I'm a Pepsi guy myself. Actually Sierra Mist Free, but it's a Pepsi product. ;-)

Yorksdevil said...

I'd be interested to know which of the ingredients Coke consider 'wholesome'.

e.Craig said...

I'll have to take a look at the video, but have read enough about aspartame (sweetener) to be happy to have stopped my Diet Coke consumption.

Now, it seems that medical science is talking about a link between soft drinks and heart disease.

I filter all my drinking water here at the old homestead. It's a lot less expensive doing it that way than buying the "rip-off" bottled water, which in many cases comes from municipal water supplies. The closest most of that water comes to "mountain spring" is the picture on the bottle label.

e.Craig said...

OK - I watched the video and just about LMBFAO over the comment from the Coke spokesperson. Now, it's just a GUESS, but could that remark be just a tad biased?   ;-)

Brother Dave said...

J - w0w… "how can you drink too much?" After all, the communications director at Coca-Cola should know what she is talking about.

Google "metabolic syndrome" and find a wealth of information.

Some diet drinks are "caffeine free." Nonetheless, artificial sweeteners are a concern to many health conscious people.

Dr. Shedevil said...

Whew! I'm safe. Never could stand those artificial sweeteners. First of all, they taste nasty, but they give me such a headache! Give me a full-leaded Dr. Pepper with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar from Dublin, Texas any day - but only one, and can you get it in the little 8-ounce glass bottle, please? Kthx.

Brother Dave said...


Everyone in my family, myself included, agree that diet Dr. Pepper has the taste/flavor of its non-diet counterpart. This is not the case with various diet varieties of the other soft drinks.

As well, we buy the "caffeine free" item. So the only issue might be the aspartame content of Diet/Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper.

I wish it had asparwild. That's gotta be better.

Get the facts about aspartame from the Aspartame Information Center. I believe that the American public has been besieged with misinformation from the "sugar lobby."

Sayre said...

I've pretty much cut coffee and soda out of my life now. Coffee's so expensive (but hubby still drinks it), and the carbonation and acid in the sodas were getting to me. I'll have a coke zero every once in a blue moon. For someone who already has bone loss, this can only be a good thing.