Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm an Idiot....

Today started off very nicely. The three oldest kids have been participating in our church's Summer Daze program - Daniel as a participant, Joseph and Rachael as teen leaders. I took them over to church early this morning, then came back to a quiet morning of just me and Aaron. At 11, he and I headed to the gym for an hour, then home for lunch.

I had promised him that we would do something he wanted to do this afternoon and he had chosen a visit to Waterfront Park in Louisville, where there are several playgrounds and fountains to play in. So around 2, we headed over there. I had my Harry Potter book to read and he had his swimsuit on, in anticipation of the fountains, which is where we went first.

I settled in on a bench with my book, my purse, his shoes, socks, shirt and towel, while he happily started splashing. After a very few minutes, Aaron decided he wanted to move to a completely different area, so I gathered everything up and we moved. I went back to reading and he went back to playing.

Suddenly, I wondered what time it was, and I reached for my purse.

It wasn't there.

I looked all around and figured I must have left it when we moved spots. I walked back to where we were, but it wasn't there either. Well then, I thought, I must have left it in the car. I walked back to the car. Not there either, and the car was locked, just as I thought I had done. I walked around and around like a crazy person, thinking my purse must be sitting somewhere and I just couldn't see it. Nope, it wasn't where we were first, it wasn't where we were last, it was nowhere to be found.

Finally, a Mexican family sitting nearby asked if I was looking for someone. I said I had lost my purse. They told me they had seen a woman with her two children pick it up, where I had left it when we moved from the first spot. I could see a police car sitting in another section of the park, so I walked over to it to ask for help. I did not have my cell phone, my car keys, any money. After reporting the purse stolen, I used the policeman's phone to call my parents, who have a spare key.

At this point I was pretty upset, but it gets worse.

The policeman came over and got a description of the woman from the Mexican family. He gave me a number of the police report, and being assured that I had someone coming to pick me up, he left. I stood there talking to the family for a few minutes, letting Aaron play more until my dad arrived, and I said, "At least the car is still here."

I looked over at the car.

It was gone.

Apparently, while I was over with the policeman, the city towed it away, for being parked in a "No Parking 3-6 PM" zone.

Yes, that's right, folks. You read it here first:
My purse was stolen and while I was reporting it, my car was towed.

So when my parents finally found me and Aaron at the park, first we had to go to the impound lot and pay $110 to get my car back, then I went home with no money, no cell phone, no drivers license. I had hoped that the woman who was seen picking it up would look up my phone number and call me, but so far, at 10:00 PM, no such call has come. I have called my cell phone many times, but no one answers.

Tomorrow I will start with getting my drivers license and cell phone replaced. Then insurance cards. Luckily, I have no credit cards or even a debit card. And I don't have a checkbook.

I just feel like an idiot. How could anyone be so stupid? I got up and moved, and forgot my purse. Just left it sitting there in plain view.

More adventures of a dingbat tomorrow.


e.Craig said...

That's a real "sinking" feeling when you realize you don't have your purse with you, and start retracing your steps. Then the "hammer blow" when you learn it has been stolen.

Then, the car. And, I know it was an expensive hassle, but at least you got it back.

I hope you are not overly upset this evening.

HoosierGirl5 said...

You know me too well, Craig. I am kinda blue. I don't feel very confident or competent right now.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh God, that sucks. You shouldn't get too down on yourself, though. We all do stuff like that, it's just a matter of whether you catch it before something bad happens.

I'm sorry :(

RWA said...

Wow, that's not a fun afternoon. I've lost my wallet before - and that is no fun at all.

But, at least your car wasn't stolen.

J. said...

Your car got towed???
Holy crap, talk about adding insult to injury.
You remember when I forgot my purse in the shopping cart last year?
Yep ... I totally sympathize with you.
Too bad there aren't more honest people in the world, y'know? I'd never rip off somebody's purse/wallet/whatever.

For a moment there, I thought you were going to say that the person who took your purse, took off in your car. LOL ...

Tense Teacher said...

Bless your heart! What a crappy day... Don't beat yourself up over a mistake.

captain corky said...

That stinks, but at least you can poke fun at the situation! Hope today is much better for you J!

Anne said...

I hope you get your purse and belongings back intact. And you certainly are not an idiot! About a year and a half ago, I was going through a really awful time with one of my sons. One day, when I was getting ready to run an errand, I put my purse on the roof of my car.....and drove off.

I didn't even realize where I'd put that purse; I only knew it was "lost." I looked and looked in all the "regular" places where I keep my purse. No purse. (I'm not a regular "purse carrier," so it's not like I missed it right away.)

So I reported my credit card as lost, got a new drivers' license, cancelled my checking account and opened a new one.

About a month later, I got a postcard from the local police station. They had my purse. Someone had found it on one of the streets in my neighborhood. Everything was still there, including the $12.00 cash I had in my wallet.

When I asked where the purse had been found, I realized what I must've done--driven off with that purse on top of my car!

Jay said...

Oh crap!! That sucks so bad!

You're house keys weren't in the purse were they? If they were you might need to get your locks changed fast since they have your home address!

Have you checked with a city lost and found or a lost and found at the place you went to today? Maybe, just maybe they were decent people and turned it in? I know, I'm reaching here, but it's worth a try.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Thanks guys. It is 4:00 PM and I have a new drivers license, a new cell phone, and a new purse. The man is coming tomorrow to change the locks on the house.

I'm feeling better. I still need new makeup.

Thanks again,

Betty said...

How awful. But, it's a good thing you didn't have credit cards or a debit card. Not even a checkbook. I'm impressed. I can't go out without all of the above. Hope you get your purse back, though.

Woman with kids said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. What a bad day! Maybe... you got all the bad things done at once?

e.Craig said...

WoW! You're a woman, and didn't buy the makeup first?


Brother Dave said...

J - Your experience is so reflective of the human condition. We have all done such "stupid" things, or stuff even "more stupid." All of us who read your plight are reassured that we are not alone.

Getting your car towed, on top of it all, is strong evidence that Murphey is alive and well.

Once your locks are re-keyed you will relax immensely.

Your wounds will heal, and life's good things will reinforce your appreciation that things really turned out pretty good.

The thief will have his or her karma to deal with.

Now go out and get some makeup, girl.

HoosierGirl5 said...

E.Craig - I should smack you for that chauvanistic remark! Besides, licenses and cell phones are easily replaced. I want to take my time when I choose my makeup! (smile)

David - Yes, sir! I will get right on it.


Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh no! That is so awful. I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach just from reading it. But you aren't an idiot. We all do stuff like that sometimes so stop being so negative about yourself. :-)

Hope everything gets take care of ASAP.

eatmisery said...

OMG. A day like that would make me cry for weeks.

At least you didn't have credit cards, a checkbook, or a debit card in there. They got your cell phone, but it could've been worse.

I still can't believe those fuckers towed your car. Yeesh.

mitchgib said...

Oh! Cripes! What a day !
I am glad you are having your locks changed !

Please tell me that at least the cop was cute ?

sunShine said...

My heart goes out to you. I am surprised that has not happened to me. I am bad about losing everything so I am very anal about keeping up with my purse. I hope whoever got it will return it. I am so sorry about your car. What a crappy day.