Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bits and Pieces....

Last night Daniel and I went out on The Belle of Louisville. The Belle is a 92 yr. old steamboat, that is a tradition in Louisville. Last evening was the Jr. High Cruise for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Translation: over 500 Catholic Jr. High kids and their adult chaperones on the river for 3 hours. They said last night that this was the 42nd year for Catholic youth cruises. I went on the Belle cruises when I was in high school!
The weather was perfect. I sat on the upper deck toward the front where I could get the breeze and see the best, and talked to other parents. They had all kinds of games going, and of course, the middle deck is a dance floor, with a DJ. (I even did the Cha-cha slide, much to his embarrassment). It was a very nice, relaxing evening. Daniel had a great time, spending most of his time with his girlfriend Stephanie, and their friends.
Rachael has finished Driver's Education and I must say she has improved greatly. Now she wants to drive everywhere we go! Parked cars and mailboxes, beware!
Aaron is still enjoying swimming lessons, but unfortunately I can't take him because his grandparents signed him up for 10-11, which is right in the middle of summer school time. My parents say he's really getting better. I know he's having fun anyway.
The boys leave Thursday afternoon for a over a week with their dad. Although I am looking forward to some time to myself, I will really miss them. I worry especially about Aaron.
Joseph is having a high time at Hoosier Boys' State. Hoosier Boys' State is a week-long mock government experience. You have to be chosen from your high school as a leader. Joseph's school only sends 6 boys from the Junior class. The larger, public high schools send up to 10. They are placed in counties, and within that, cities. They can run for office, from the very basic local positions, up to governor. I'm told all the states do something like this, but each state sends its Governor and one other "citizen" to Boys' Nation in Washington, DC. The best part about it (for me) are the scholarship opportunties. Apparently they have a college fair on Wednesday and they say that the colleges are hot to recruit Boys' State participants because they are the "creme of the crop". I've gotten some hurried, late-night phone calls from him telling me he's fine. I can pick him up on Saturday. (Yay, another LONNNNG drive to Terre Haute!)
Sam stopped by Sunday evening for a few minutes, and since my house was NOT clean, we sat on the porch. He laughed at me because I wouldn't let him inside. The kids all spoke to him and Aaron, of course, went out of his way to get his attention. He was very patient, I will say. It was so nice to sit on my front porch swing and put my head on his shoulder. His company is very comforting. I look forward to our date Friday.
Well, I had better be off to summer school.
Happy Tuesday, all!


Jay said...

So are the boys brave enough to get into the car when Rachael is driving, or do you have to face that on your own?

When my sister was learning to drive I would lie down in the backseat and say "We're all going to die!" See how supportive I was? LOL

RWA said...

500 kids on a steamboat. I am glad the thing didn't sink!!!

Rachael will be fine. Hang in there!

Brother Dave said...

J, how nice that everything is going pretty smoothly for you here at the start of summer. As usual, your kids are busy with neat stuff.

I believe that Sam might respect you for having a sense of "shame" about your place not being the way you feel it should be. Plus, you want him there when it is nice, which shows your respect for him.

Sam might have thought it was funny; yet, I believe he was pleased with your concern about a "messy" house.

We live in our homes, and they do get messy. We cycle between "straightened up and cleaned" and "messy, needing attention." Sounds normal to me.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay - Her brothers are, of course, her brothers. Joseph (older) critiques her. Daniel makes stupid jokes and asks annoying questions. Aaron keeps yelling, "Watch out!!", which of course, drives her crazy.

RWA - It can hold many more. Besides, most of them were in perpetual motion, which I think kept the thing moving along.

Dave - Sam teased me on the phone not to buy all new furniture before Friday. And HE made a joke about whether or not I was cleaning the bedroom. I told him I was not- what kind of a girl did he think I was?, and he laughed even harder. So I guess he was thinking like I have been thinking.
We'll have to behave ourselves. Couches work just as well as beds for many things (wink).


e.Craig said...

Another busy week for you, I see, J. I've been on a couple river boat cruises out of Newport, Kentucky. (across the Ohio River from Cincinnati) One was a high school reunion several years ago. The other was when our company took a 'boat load' of our clients on a cruise. Great fun!

Fleur de Lisa said...

The river boat ride sounds good- minus the 500 Catholic Jr. high school kids! I have a headache just thinking about it. ;-)

Sounds like you have another busy week.

sunShine said...

Glad that things are going well. I know you are so proud of your children, they are such good kids.

captain corky said...

I went on that cruise once. The Calliope drove me and my grandmother crazy but besides that it was a really fun trip.

Kentucky Girl said...

Wow...so much fun! I'm totally jealous!