Friday, June 15, 2007

I Have Been Remiss.....

Okay, okay...I'm sorry....I have been a little busy this week, and a little new post since Tuesday! And I was on a roll there, posting almost every day.

Let's see - this is my 260th post, but my blogiversary is next week....What should I do for my one year anniversary as a Blogger? Any ideas? I am still working on a post for June 20, which would have been my 20th wedding anniversary. I'm not feeling sentimental, just weird, about it.

My boys left yesterday evening with their dad for 10 days in Indianapolis. Spending any kind of time around my ex-husband is like nails on a chalk board. He's just so smarmy.....I can't believe I was married to him for all those years, much less ever had sex with him! The thought of it just completely grosses me out! (See how un-sentimental I am?) Daniel and Aaron were happy. They love spending time with their Indy cousins, and apparently they are going up to South Bend to see my ex's sister over Father's Day and will get to go to the beach, which will be fun for them. It's just me and Rachael until tomorrow when Joseph comes home.

Things are going great with Sam. Last night we talked on the phone for an hour and a half! We have a lot in common. There is one glitch though: turns out he loves karaoke! Help me, Lord, I do not like karaoke. He even has his own machine. Help! Other than that, we've had some great conversations. We like a lot of the same restaurants and movies and vehicles. He even has my dream truck!

My parents got us tickets to see "The Lion King". I can't wait! We're going next Thursday.

Okay, just for laughs, here are some funnies I found:

Have a great Friday, all!



Fleur de Lisa said...

There's a beach in South Bend? Or are they going over the the dunes? I spent loads of time on Lake Michigan as a kid.

I hope they enjoy their time with their dad and you enjoy a little bit of quiet. ;-)

Jay said...

For your blogiversary I'm thinking kegs and dancing girls. Great idea huh? ;-)

Have a nice peaceful weekend.

Karaoke? Well, nobody's perfect, right? I think you posting a video of you singing karaoke is in order. LOL

RWA said...

Hey now...what's wrong with karaoke?


Betty said...

I used to look forward for the weekends my kids spent with their dad, and then when the weekend arrived, I paced the floor the whole time, wishing they were back home. Can't please me.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Lisa - I think they are going to the Dunes. I don't ask too many questions. I just pray for their safety! (rueful smile)

Jay - The kegs would be fine, but how about dancing hunks instead? You will never see a picture of ME singing karaoke. It's going to be hard enough for me sit through it.

RWA - Karaoke is okay, I guess. I just get embarrassed so easily.

Betty - Oh that is so me. I so look forward to some time to myself, and then I start missing them the day after they leave. I worry so much about Aaron, especially. His dad doesn't know him like I do.


Brother Dave said...

Happy Blogiversary! And many more…