Saturday, May 19, 2007

What? Colby is a SPY?????

I love the TV show "NUMB3RS". I watch it every chance I get, and I used to rent the past season's DVDs from the video store, just to catch up on episodes I hadn't seen. It stars Rob Morrow, who I have loved since "Northern Exposure". It also had Judd Hirsch, who was, of course my favorite way back in "Taxi" and Peter MacNichol, from my "Chicago Hope" obsession. Back in the day when I had the time to follow any show religiously! I love this show because it combines drama and crime-solving with math and intellect. It makes being smart look cool. The website has a whole math teacher sidebar, which offers lesson plans to high school and college teachers about the math being used in each show. I also got a free poster of the cast with the show's opening line: We all use math every day, and a bumper sticker with the same line, which, much to my children's chagrin, is on the bumper of my car.

Here's the description of the show from its website:
NUMB3RS is a drama about an FBI agent who recruits his mathematical-genius brother to help the Bureau solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles. The two brothers take on the most confounding criminal cases from a very distinctive perspective. Inspired by actual events, the series depicts how the confluence of police work and mathematics provides unexpected revelations and answers to the most perplexing criminal questions. A dedicated FBI agent, Don Eppes (Rob Morrow), couldn't be more different from his younger brother, Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz), a brilliant mathematician who, since he was little, yearned to impress his big brother. Don is joined on his team by fellow agents Megan Reeves (Diane Farr), a behavioral specialist who brings psychological insight to their investigations; David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard), who utilizes his incredible perspective and the survival skills he learned growing up in the Bronx; and new agent Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno) who just completed an extensive tour of duty in the U.S. Military. After some initial reluctance, Don's team welcomes Charlie's innovative methods to crime-solving. Their father, Alan (Judd Hirsch), is happy to see his sons working together even though he doesn't understand the intricacies of what Charlie does for a living. It is his co-workers at CalSci who further refine Charlie's approach and help him stay focused. Physicist friend Dr. Larry Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol) constantly challenges Charlie to employ a broader point of view to his work with the FBI, and Amita Ramanjuan (Navi Rawat), Charlie's former grad student, frequently helps him see cases in a new light Despite their disparate approaches to life, Don and Charlie are able to combine their areas of expertise and solve some killer cases.

Last night was the season finale and it was a good one!!! The commercials said "one of these agents will betray them all". I couldn't believe it!! At the end, Colby was exposed as a spy for the Chinese! For the last 2 years! I was shocked! I just can't believe it! But in hindsight it all adds up. He was the one with all the secrets, which was usually attributed to his service in the war in Iraq. Diane Farr's character, Megan, looked sick to her stomach when he admitted what he had been doing. Ballard's character, David Sinclair, Colby's best friend and partner, wanted to kill him! It was a really good ending. I can't wait to go back and re-watch some of this past season's episodes, to see if there were any hints or foreshadowing that I missed.

I just can't believe Colby is a spy! I am so disappointed in him. I thought he was one of the good guys.



Tricia said...

I never watched this show - now I wish I would have! It sounds so good!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it, I was shocked and really upset. It feels like the members on the show only think about leaving it. Dylan Bruno (Colby) must have had some problems with his contract, and spilt. Now the woman who plays Meghan wants to leave, after her "baby" leave, and Peter MacNichol who left to be on 24 for a little while. This show is amazing and it is dissapointing how the actors that are on it, can't seem to stick it out.

Anonymous said...

Dylan Bruno has left the show to persue a movie role. It had nothing to do with his contract. Who knows if he'll come back in some capacity after the movie is wrapped up. Still was a very interesting episode


Anonymous said...

I have like numb3rs alot myself. It was a twist to see one of the supposed good guys actually be a bad guy instead it makes good drama which is what people like.
As for some of the actors leaving the show for other things I can't blame them because this is just a tv show and if they have the chance to pursue other lucrative options they should. who knows how long numb3rs will be on anyway.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Heuton is quoted by TV Guide as saying Dylan Bruno is not leaving the show and Colby Granger will be a regular character again next season! SO relax and have fun with it, he may turn out to be a good guy after all :)

Jill said...

Right, and last year Amita Ramanujan (played by Navi Rawat) left to accept a job at Harvard... NOT!

Check out the May 23rd Ask Ausiello column at the TVGuide site. Colby will be back next season.

Megan's not leaving, either.