Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nothing in particular.....

So, it's Sunday morning...I am enjoying a cup of freshly-ground coffee and the boys are watching Spongebob SquarePants. We're about to start getting ready for church.

I was checking my Statcounter this morning, and I have no less than 41 hits based on Google searches for "NUMB3RS". Apparently Friday night's season finale sparked a lot of interest, all over the world! No wonder Jay puts half-naked women on his blog so often - putting up stuff that people are looking for really increases your numbers! Of course, I had no idea writing the "NUMB3RS" post would be so popular. I really thought I was one of about 3 people in the world who watched that show, but apparently I was wrong.

I took Aaron to see "Shrek the Third" Friday night. As sequels go, it was pretty good. And not too long. We laughed and laughed. Aaron is 7, so all the silliness really appealed to him. My favorite character, as always, is Donkey.

Last night, Joseph and Rachael were both out with friends, and Daniel and Aaron were with their dad and I had the whole evening to myself. What did I do? I stayed here, did some housework, and mostly watched TV. Really exciting, huh? Not really, but I enjoyed it. I also treated myself to a strawberry shortcake. Yum.

I did some baking experimenting last night. The last time I went to The Olive Garden, I had an appetizer of baked ravoli. So I bought some uncooked ravoli from the fresh pasta section. I put some olive oil on the baking sheet, spread out the ravoli, and sprinkled them with parmesan cheese. 10 minutes later they were crispy on the outside and bubbly on the inside. Next time I'm going to coat the tops with a little oil, and use some shredded cheese. Even my oldest son, who is more than a little picky, agreed they were good when he came home. I guess maybe I can cook. A little.

Well, today is another one of those busy days. Only 4 more school days.
Have a great Sunday, all.



RWA said...

Isn't Eddie Murphy the voice of the donkey - or am I thinking of something else?

Jay said...

I want to see Shrek 3. I love Shrek. Each of the movies were hilarious.

I happen to like half-naked women. Some people like half-naked men. But, I prefer half-naked women. ;-)

captain corky said...

I wanna see Shrek 3 also. Have a great Sunday.

Brother Dave said...

Hi J. Four more school daze. w0w!

How does that work financially, if I may ask? A past housemate taught second grade in Jurupa (Calif.) School District. Some amount of his paychck always went into a fund that paid him during summer vacation.

Your ravioli experiment went well. Now don't go crazy and spend all your vacation in the kitchen.

HoosierGirl5 said...

RWA - Yes, Eddie Murphy is the voice of the donkey. He's good.

Jay - We know you like half-naked women. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you liked fully naked women, too. (snicker)

Corky - Shrek 3 was funny enough to go without a child. Take Allyson, if she can sit that long.

Dave - I get paid all summer. The corporation sets up an escrow account. The good news is that the money from teaching summer school will be extra!! Yahoo!
I hope I have time this summer to do some cooking. I'm going to make the ravoli again tomorrow night for the whole family.


Brother Dave said...

J, now that you know how to improve on your ravioli entré, you shall get raves when you serve it.

Dazd said...

You've been tagged!

FindingHeart said...

Dang, keep'n up is hard these days. Loved Shrek 3 also!!

4 days? Now that I'm year-round, I relish the count down through the kids' eyes. Ha!! Taught with a lady for a while that put up big die-cut dots on the wall starting at 20 days out. She took one down each day. That girl was packed and ready to go before the last dot came down. So not me.

enjoy this week. after that, just a boring summer with nothing to do. LOL!!!!

Brother Dave said...

Hey, J. Come visit my blog and check out my new "education" post while waiting for summer school to start.

Kentucky Girl said...

Doug LOVES that Numbers show. He TiVos it. I catch it sometimes and it is interesting but I don't absolutely HAVE to watch it like he does. :D

sunShine said...

DOnkey is my fave too. I will have to try to make the baked ravioli, it sounds good!