Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Fits and Fun.....

I was popping around my favorite blogs this morning and I found THIS over at Comments from the Peanut Gallery. I laughed so hard....God, it's true. Wouldn't mind someone pushing my button these days....

Yes, I'm playing hooky from school today. Aaron has Field Day at noon, and Rachael's drama class has her class play at 1:45, so I decided to play sick and spend some time with my kids. At this point I really don't care what school thinks of me so long as they don't fire me. Rachael's play is a satire of "Alice in Wonderland" and she's the Cheshire Cat. Should be funny.
Joseph's drama class did "Clue" and he was Colonel Mustard. I saw it last night and it was hysterical! My son has a flair for comedy and melodrama, that's for sure.

Joseph has also been taking beginning piano as his one "fluff" class at school and Wednesday night they had a small recital. He can play part of "The Entertainer", the overture from "Miss Saigon", a medley of "Star Wars" music, and some classical pieces. I was very impressed.

This weekend is going to be busy, as usual. Tonight is Daniel's last soccer game as well as the last "Teen Scream" dance for the Jr. High kids. Joseph is one of the high school kids who has volunteered to help, so he'll be there too. Tomorrow the kids are scattered to the four winds. It's Dipshit's weekend (and no, I don't call him that in front of the kids, and rarely even say it out loud privately, but it's my blog and he's stupid, so I will call him anything I want here), so he'll probably end up with Aaron all day. Joseph is hanging out with friends, Rachael is doing band stuff, and then spending the night with friends, and Daniel wants to go do something with his girlfriend (Yes, I said "girlfriend". That's a whole different story). Sunday I will take Joseph to his orientation to Boys State while Dipshit will take Rachael to sing at Baccaulareate and hang out with the boys.

The tuition situation with the above-mentioned Dipshit is resolved. It didn't have to go to court, but it did take a call from my attorney to his attorney. Apparently his attorney advised him that he WAS obligated, so he made arrangements to pay the bulk by today, and another payment at the end of the month and then it's paid for. I'm glad I didn't tell him I had already made arrangements with my credit union to borrow the money so I could pay it and then sue him to pay me back, because I think he would have let it go so he could have more time.

Here's the kicker: He called me last week, telling me what he had arranged. He asked me if I would allow him to pay half the child support for this two weeks, then he would send the missing amount to me at the end of the month. I figured it was in my best interest to help him, because if he couldn't pay it, I would have to pay it, so I agreed. Come to find out, he spent part of his tax refund on a plane ticket to California to see his 2nd wife, hence the lack of available funds to pay his daughter's tuition in a timely manner. AND, the weekend he is going out there, to see his supposed stepdaughter's graduation, he will miss his visitation with the kids AND Daniel's 13th birthday!!!!!!! I called him and ripped him a new one. That's putting it mildly, actually. I will never help him again. He tricked me once, but it will never happen again. He knew that if I knew he was going to California I wouldn't have helped him. Once a liar and a self-serving lowlife, always a liar and a lowlife.

My ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend. He called on Mother's Day and tried to pretend we are friends, but I'm afraid I was a little frosty. It says a lot about the lack of depth of his feelings for me if he has moved on so quickly. He sent me an e-mail asking if we could be friends, but I don't think so. He has, and always will have, honesty and committment issues, and I need more than that in a quality partner. It doesn't matter, though. I am better than that.

On a lighter, funnier note, here's a couple of silly quizzes to kick-start your weekend:
You Are Sheryl Crow
You Are Sheryl Crow!
Down to earth with tons of creative energyWhen you talk, everyone can relate to you"Life springs eternalOn a gaudy neon streetNot that I care at all"

Yay, I'm Sheryl Crow! She's cool!

You Are PG-13
Your Life is Rated PG-13
Your life isn't totally scandalous, but you definitely don't shy away from adult themes!

What is Your Life Rated?
I guess PG-13 isn't too bad. "R" and "X" are full of too much cussing and violence.
Have a good weekend, all!


Sayre said...

Tough. Sexy. Tough. Soulful. Tough.
Guys are both attracted and scared of you.

"I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high. Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes"

Apparently, I am Pink. Is that good?

RWA said...

Good job, J. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

He got you once, but he won't get you again!

Fleur de Lisa said...

Your ex really does sound like a dipshit! It's okay to say that here, I say the same thing about my ex, but never, ever in front of the kiddo.

Good for you for standing your ground with Baron. Good riddance. The sooner you completely remove him from your life the better. You don't need friends who treat you like that, so you were right on track to pass on "friendship" with him. I'm proud of you!

e.Craig said...

Happy to hear you got the tuition problem sorted, J. Wow! Your kids keep you hoppin', but I'm sure youe wouldn't have it any other way.

ps - I'm a PG-13, too.

Jay said...

What a douchebag your Ex is. You're a very nice person and he knows that so he tried to pull a fast one. I'm glad you ripped him. There's no reason for you to ever try to be accomodating to him again.

Have a great weekend though!

Brother Dave said...

J, it looks like you do not buy into other peoples' foolishness. It is anybody's guess why an ex-boyfriend would call like that, and suddenly want to be friends.

Too many people are out for #1, and cannot be giving of themselves. Their lives would be fulfilling if they could just turn that all around.

Wishing you a terrific summer!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sayre - Well, Pink is really cool. And she has super-tuff clothes. So, you're a happenin' chick!

RWA - What got me is that I thought things were getting better, that he was slowly evolving into a human! I did a slow burn all that day at my stupidity.

Lisa - Thanks. I appreciate the support. I have so had it with men lately, I'm about ready to "switch sides"! Ugh!

Craig - You are so right, I WOULDN'T have it any other way. There is nothing I like better than a day like today with lots of "kid" stuff. Aaron and I just got back from Shrek 3. More on that later.

Jay - Believe me, I have spoken to my lawyer again this week. If he doesn't keep his end of the deal, he WILL be sorry.

Dave - Thanks. I know we are going to have a great summer. I just hope I can afford it! (laugh)