Monday, May 07, 2007

Manic Monday

I have been going since 6 AM and I am whooped.
Here's the short list:

  1. Shower, breakfast, grind coffee beans, make coffee, wake up everyone, drive kids to school.
  2. Drive to school in crazy traffic.
  3. Teach all day - 3 students lose it in the course of the day. No lunch, no planning.
  4. Stay an hour after waiting for grandmother to pick up student who missed the bus due to anger episode.
  5. Hit credit union for money and Visa gift card.
  6. Drive home.
  7. Comfort sobbing 12 yr. old who is months behind on reading log.
  8. Research tux rental places online in 10 minutes or less.
  9. Call Daniel's teacher from the car to work out problem with reading log.
  10. Call Daniel from the car to reassure him that a compromise has been arranged. Daniel is still upset, seems like he might be hyperventilating.**
  11. Call my mom to get her to check on Daniel.
  12. Drive Joseph to mall to rent tux for prom, get Aaron in and out of mall spending only $5.
  13. Drive Joseph to dance lesson.
  14. Take Rachael to Meijer's to find purple outfit for drama class, get Aaron in and out of store spending $0 on him.
  15. Get phone call from tux shop - forgot to get measurements!!!
  16. Take Rachael (and Aaron) to Kohl's to find purple leggings, get Aaron in and out of store spending $0 on him.
  17. Buy Taco Bell for 3 children.
  18. Drive Aaron and Rachael home, throw them out of car with Taco Bell in hand.
  19. Drive back to dance studio, scoop up Joseph.
  20. Drive back to mall - race into tux store to take measurements.
  21. Drive through White Castle to get Joseph a soft drink.
  22. Stop by Walgreen's to get feminine hygiene supplies for Rachael and pick up laundry soap and dishwasher detergent.
  23. Finally walk in door - read story with Aaron, change laundry, start dishwasher, put kids to bed.
  24. Make crazy blog post.
  25. Collapse in bed!!!

Goodnight all.


**NOTE: I do not usually intervene for my kids if they procrastinate or ask for special favors from teachers. There are extenuating circumstances to this particular situation, and this particular teacher has worked closely with Daniel regarding his attention/focus/on-task issues. I just left out the details for the sake of the list.


e.Craig said...

I got worn out just reading the list, Superwoman.

captain corky said...

My head is spinning. What a day. I suggest a cup of coffee somewhere in the middle of your day tomorrow.

lisa said...

I can really relate to a day like this and I only have one kid to run around.

RWA said...

Good grief...all in one day?

I would have moved #25 up to #14 or so.

Jay said...

I think I would be drinking heavily after a day like that.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Craig - I am not Superwoman. I am, however, a single mother of 4.

Corky - There is at least one large Diet Coke in the middle.

RWA - There have been evenings when I have done just that. But not last night.

Jay - That's what the bottle of red wine in my fridge is for!