Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!

Thank God today is Thursday. No school tomorrow here in the Louisville area because of the Kentucky Oaks tomorrow and the Derby on Saturday. I just haven't gotten into the spirit of things this year. Maybe because I've been so damn stressed out this week.

This has not been a good week at school. I know behavior comes in waves, or some say with the cycles of the moon. And baby, it has been a freakin' full moon week this week!

I got a call at school today from my daughter's high school. It seems that my ex-husband is unwilling or unable or both to pay his half of her tuition before school gets out, and the nice man that runs the business office was letting me know that unless I did something about it, Rachael would not be allowed to take her final exams and finish her freshman year of high school. Now, please, understand....I have known since around Christmas that he hadn't fully paid. I have been warning him and threatening him since then. And he has sent them some money. But he has also known that this had to be taken care of by the end of May.

So after crying and having my little breakdown in the teacher's lounge, I returned to my classroom and on my planning period, made some phone calls. Call # 1 - my lawyer. We have a phone conference set up for Tuesday. Call #2 - my credit union. Since it is impossible for me to get him to court and force him to pay before the end of May, I quickly realized that I would have to borrow the money and then make him pay ME back. Luckily, they will make me the short-term loan. Call #3 - the high school, to tell the business office how I would be handling the problem. Call #4 - my parents, to vent a little, and to thank them for AGAIN offering to cover the loan. Call #5 - my ex-husband. He didn't answer, as I expected he wouldn't, but I gave him an earfull via voice mail. He is coming down to see the kids on Saturday and if he knows what's good for him, he will steer clear of me.
I have warned him and warned him and now it's going to cost him. He will have to pay me, in a timely manner, plus interest, plus legal fees and court costs..... or be held in contempt of court, as it is in our divorce settlement that he will pay half of the kids' tuition. Five years after our divorce I shouldn't still be having to coerce him into doing the right thing.
He's a damn idiot, and now he's going to have to pay for it.
Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for listening.
Go back to your lives, citizens.


FindingHeart said...

As a dude, I keep finding women around me surrounded by men who have 'different priorities'. Sorry you are dealing with that stress. I hope it resolves peacefully soon.

Kentucky Girl said...

Ugh. Men are stupid. Hope things work out.

Jay said...

I've never understood why so many men act like this. I know they think they are making things miserable for their ex (you, in this case) but they hurting their own kids more.

Oh well, if you get the chance, kick him in the nuts. That will make you feel better. ;-)

RWA said...

Make him pay. For EVERYTHING.

It will all work out.

Fleur de Lisa said...

What a dirt bag. This is about his kids and it needs to be his first priority to make sure their education is taken care of.

It's been ten years since my divorce and we still have to go over some of the same type of things. Some men never grow up. Ugh!

Are the kids aware of his failure to pay? I'm certainly not saying to tell them if they don't. Just wondering.

Hope it all works out okay. Make him pay dearly.

e.Craig said...

Wow! That's a real charlie foxtrot. But, you were right on it, J. Good for you. Yeah, you had your "cry." But, you took action.

So, now you can go brew some of your specialty coffee, sit down, relax, and enjoy a cup.