Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Night Ramblings....

So, here I am on a rainy Friday night, at home alone, eating a banana creme pie blizzard from Dairy Queen and watching TV. The teens are out with friends seeing "Spiderman 3", Daniel is at the Jr. High Dance with his girlfriend, and Aaron is with his dad.

I had today off. Went to a reading training in the morning, hit the bank (payday!) and the grocery store. When I got home I did a few chores and laid down for awhile. The funny thing is, I knew I was sleepy, but I slept hard for 3 hours, like I was exhausted. I think the stress of this past week was catching up with me.

So this evening we had Daniel's soccer game, I got everyone to where they were supposed to be, and now here I am.

I have a date tomorrow night with Art, which is good. He suggested Thai food. I've never tried Thai food, so that should be interesting. I will be glad for the company, but I am ambivalent about the "romance". There really isn't a romance. I have accepted the fact that I am still in love with Baron, and probably will be for a long, long time.

But it's good to get out and do things, right?

Have a good weekend.


eatmisery said...

Try pad thai. It's a noodle dish that is perfect for someone who wants to try thai food. It has peanuts, so if you're allergic, stay away from it.

Pad thai is awesome! You'd love it.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love Thai food, if it's good Thai food. Some of it is fairly spicy, but in a different way than Mexican food is.

Have fun! As long as Art knows where you are and where you're coming from, it's all good. Relax and give yourself time...lots of time.

e.Craig said...

Single parent with growing children - I know you stay busy, and I can see your devotion to them, J. As hectic as it gets, that's your anchor.

I think you will enjoy your Thai dinner, and your evening out will be good for you.

raeanne said...

I thought I would let you know that I stop in about once a week to read your blog. I've enjoyed eavesdropping into your life through your writings.