Friday, December 08, 2006

Fun Friday

Okay, okay....I know I missed "Half-Naked Thursday" yesterday. But I didn't have anything half-naked to show. I am running out of body parts that are worth showing to the world. My apologies. I promise to do something for next week.

This is a picture of my house with its Christmas lights. Isn't it festive? If you look carefully, you will see the Christmas tree standing in one corner. The kids and I get a real one every year, so it was still outside enjoying the fresh air.

Today is the Baron's birthday! Yay! Happy Birthday, love. We are celebrating tonight by taking his girls and my kids out for pizza, along with some birthday surprises. I already got his birthday present a few weeks ago - a new pair of good-quality athletic shoes, but the dinner is my treat. Last night the kids and I journeyed across the river to his oldest girl's high school to hear her choir concert. They only did 5 songs, but I thought they did a really nice job, especially for such a small group.

Baron's E.E. was there, along with her parents (who were not shocked to find out I exist). She was civil. Not friendly, mind you....that would be going too far for someone as awful as me. And my kids, by association, must be just as awful, although it was quite clear that her children and mine get along very well. T. and K., Baron's teenagers, were quite pleased to see all my kids. It was also K.'s 16th birthday, so we surprised her with a STAR WARS Lego set. She was happy, because it contained her favorite STAR WARS character, Boba Fett. The greasy one was absent (E.E's current squeeze), which made things that much more pleasant. It was good to do something as a family. On the way home we drove through downtown Louisville and looked at the Christmas lights.

Anyway, I have taken a personal day today because Rachael's theater class is performing "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", and because frankly, I'm tired. I have only had 2 days off this year, and both of those days I was sound asleep and sick. I am hoping to catch up on a lot of things today.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

You deserve a nice day off J! Enjoy yourself and have a good time today.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Thanks, Corky. I will. So far I have allowed myself to veg on the Internet for over an hour, and in a minute, I have a nap planned. (grin)

Anonymous said...

That's what films teach me American houses should look like.

It's good to see the Baron has raised his child well (nobody who likes Star Wars and Lego could be all bad).

Anonymous said...

Great house!!!!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

We went to our li'l smooth operator's Christmas Musical the night before last. It started about six and ended about nine frickin' thirty. All this children's eyes were glazed over by the time the last few numbers were sung, and the next day not a child in that school wasn't cranky.


Sometimes parenthood can have its ups and downs, huh?

sunShine said...

Enjoy your day off. I hope you get lots done. Happy Birthday Baron. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Today is Barons birthday...Monday is mine...

It's kismet.

Or just a sort of lame coinsidence. ;)


superclosetnerd said...

Updating my bookmarks... see you're still here. Looks different than I remembered. I've updated my stuff too - yankee candle

FindingHeart said...

Hope the day off was fun. I took time last friday to be a dad and have lunch with the kiddos. Was nice.

Sounds like the birthday party was a good time.