Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holiday Update

I won! I won! My name was chosen at random from all the bloggers who participated in National Blog Posting Month over at Fussy.org and I won my choice of a item from the Fussy Blogging store or something from the NaBloPoMo site. I chose this lovely t-shirt. Not only do I love red AND long-sleeve t-shirts, but I love the quote. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

Tomorrow is St. Nicholas's Day. This is a Catholic tradition that I didn't celebrate as a child, but we started celebrating when my oldest son started attending Catholic grade school. At school they use stockings, but here at home we use our shoes, like the Dutch children do. St. Nick always leaves an orange, a candy cane, some chocolate, and a small toy or book. My kids have always looked forward to finding something in their shoes on that morning, and when I taught in a Catholic school I enjoyed doing it with my students as well.

Without telling them them why, I will treat my public school students tomorrow to oranges and candy canes.
It's a tradition.

SCHOOL: My classroom is in a state of upheaval. A week ago, I received a new student, bringing my total to 7. The powers that be decided that was too many and moved my 2 oldest students up to the intermediate classroom, where they truly belonged. Okay, down to 5. Next up, my "temporary" student was placed in a day treatment facility. His needs are greater than we can supply. His last day was yesterday. And then there were 4.
Then we held a truly frustrating meeting with my little Devin's parents, Child Protective Services, district-level support staff, and my principal. The father and grandmother sat there and lied, and the stupid CPS worker covered her behind and backed them up. What they were saying was so ridiculous in light of what we had seen and reported, I felt like I was in a bad dream. In the end, we all agreed that Devin belonged in a special school for children with behavior disorders where he can receive on-site psychiatric care, since his mentally-deficient (my evaluation, not a professional opinion) father won't take him to get the mental health care he desparately needs. Now his father is dragging his feet on signing the papers, so he is still with me but will probably move between now and next Friday. From 7 to 3 in less than 2 weeks. (Sigh)
My new girl is quite a challenge, and the 2 original students who are left in all out of sorts from all the changes. My kindergarten girl is jealous of the new girl, and my boy is having all kinds of problems at home. I feel like I've fallen out of the car on the roller coaster and I'm hanging on behind by my finger tips. I just hope we all survive until Christmas.

HOME: In home news, my two oldest teens are in a traveling singing group at their high school, and they have spent the last 2 days going to 8 different schools performing. The highlights of the tour include visiting the school where my mom is a part-time teacher's aide ("Grandma made such a big deal!"), and their old elementary/jr. high school, our parish school, where their 2 younger brothers attend. Apparently Aaron (the 1st grader) was thrilled to have his siblings performing and notice him in the audience! Daniel (the football player) is trying his hand at wrestling, and enjoying it, although it's wearing him out. Aaron and I put the lights on the house last night, AND picked out the Christmas tree. It's still on the front porch in a bucket, but we'll get it in one night this week.

The kids and I are traveling across the river Thursday night to watch Baron's oldest daughter perform and then Friday night we are all going out to dinner to celebrate Baron's birthday. I had hoped to surprise him, but his E.E. (Evil EX) spoiled it. It doesn't matter much though, because the end result is he will get to have dinner with his girls on his birthday and we will get to celebrate with them.

ETC: Finally, a little holiday amusement. I loved this clip last year, and here it is again:

Browse through only the BEST videos at pYzam.com!

Ho, ho, ho!


Anonymous said...

Nice stuff on today's blog. You're a master of many things. I'm glad to be with you.

The Blue Baron

eatmisery said...

I have that same shirt, but it's black and short-sleeved.

captain corky said...

Congrats on the major award! I love Christmas too! Where are you guys going for dinner? O'Charlies perhaps? I really like Rockies over on your side of the river.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the T-shirt! That is a great quote.

Sounds like you are quite busy with school, home and the holiday season.

sunShine said...

Whew take a break and relax. It sounds like you are going to be busy. Hope things get better at school.

KaraMia said...

Hey congrats on winning!!! You should go over to Great Lakes State of Mind blog and submit your 80's hair photo!!!! I did..lol.

I hope work eases up, no fun to add that into the holiday craziness

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win!