Sunday, October 29, 2006

Silly Quiz Sunday...and other stuff.

Okay, first up....not exactly a silly quiz, but kind of fun. How many of me are there? Well, luckily, I'm the only one hung with my particular name. When I did my current first and last name (remember, I've been married twice), there is only 1 of me. However, when I tried it with my former married name (the one I had for 14 years) there are 36 people in the US with THAT name! I thought that was amazing, since my first name is not that common. But, my first married name, the last name of all 4 of my children, is a VERY common Hispanic name. So then I tried it with my oldest son Joseph's name. Since Joseph is a common first name, coupled with the fairly common Hispanic last name, no big surprise - there are 993 people in the U.S. with his name. Try it!
LogoThere is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Then, I saw this quiz in the sidebar: "Are You a Slacker Mom?" from Chatterbean. Well, you know I had to try it. Here are my results:
Are You a Slacker Mom?

Your quiz results make you a Pretty in the City Mom

You might have a subscription to both Parenting Magazine and Vogue. While picking up a darling Easter outfit for your tyke at Bloomingdale's you're tempted to grab a pair of Manolo Blahniks for your own tootsies. You are a fabulous mom, and you take care of yourself fabulously, too.

Take this free personality test by clicking Here or going to .

I don't know if I'm "pretty in the city" or not, but I'm sure glad to find out I'm not a slacker! Sheeww, that's a load of my mind!


FOOTBALL NEWS - They lost. 45-0. Our team came out strong in the beginning, but the other team (drat them!) was just too good. Daniel had some good tackles, but he is disappointed. I was proud to see 2 of the coaches come up to Daniel individually,after the game, and speak to him. He gave it his all! We all turned out to watch - his teenage brother and sister, his younger brother, my parents, his dad, me and Baron. There's always next year!

I AM ON A MISSION - A mission against spam e-mail. Instead of just deleting the 10-20 junk e-mails I get every day, I am opening them, one at a time, and clicking the little link at the bottom to unsubscribe from their mailings. They all have them. Of course I didn't do this scientifically. I didn't count how many spam e-mails I used to get, to see if the number is decreasing. But I did probably 20 of them yesterday, and 20 more today. It seems like the junk e-mail is going down. We'll see. I'll let you know.

LOOK MA, I'VE GOT CABLE IN MY ROOM! - I am as happy as a little kid with a box of new toys. My S.O., the Baron, crawled into the nasty crawl space under my bedroom and hooked up cable to the TV in my room. Up to this point, it's been able to play DVD's only. No one would go under the house, especially not me. I told him, it's such a great gift, he should have waited for my birthday. But I'm glad he didn't. It's so cool - I can sit on my bed and watch tv.
I know, I'm so easily amused. Thank you, sweetie! You're the best!

Have a good weekend. Stay tuned for the start of NaBloPoMo, during which I and some as-yet-unnamed others are going to attempt to post to our blogs every single day of November. Get ready, 'cause here I come!


Tense Teacher said...

I liked the census-name thing! There's only one of me, too; no surprise, as I have a very unusual first name. And, I checked it out with my maiden name, and I guess I was the only one, 'cause there are O of them.

Yorksdevil said...

I have the 7863rd most common surname in the US along with the 8th most common first name. Not that I live in the US anyway, I wonder how many there are in this country.

Your son's team didn't lose, they were thrashed to within an inch of their lives. I expected it to be closer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thing with the names there...just one of me too!

sunShine said...

There are 50 of me out there, scary! So sorry that Daniel's team lost the game.

eatmisery said...

Happy Halloween!