Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Begone...before someone drops a house on YOU, too!"

"I'll get you, my pretty....and your little dog, too!"

There is a woman I know, who reminds me of this witch. Her daughter petted my parents' dog, an older dog with arthritis which is painful and makes him cranky, and the dog snapped at her. Bit her arm and scared her quite a bit. I was there when it happened and we were all horrified. No one ever expected this dog to bite anyone, and no one wanted the little girl to be hurt.

So we soothed the girl, bandaged her arm. It was bruised, and punctured, but no blood, thank God. I called the girl's mother, apologized, offered to pay for an trip to the doctor.

This woman has responded by threatening to sue my parents, and has made quite a pest of herself with the County Health Department. Luckily, the dog's shots are up-to-date, and all my parents have to do is quaratine the dog for 2 weeks. She reminds me of Ms. Gulch, the old neighbor lady in the black-and-white portion of the Wizard of Oz. Chasing after retribution from an old, arthritic dog, or the girl's father, my S.O., who she thinks was "negligent", or my parents, who, at their age, don't need to have to put up with any grief from this wicked witch. All because they were hosting my daughter's birthday party and extended the invitation to my boyfriend and my children. I mean, it was awful that Baron's daughter was bit! She is a sweet little girl and I never, ever want her to be hurt. But come on!

If only a bucket of water would work in THIS case......Hmmm....


Tense Teacher said...

Will that woman never get a hobby so she can stop coming up with new ways to torture her ex/your main squeeze? Every kid gets a dog or cat bite at least once in their lives. My daughter gets one at least once a week from her own animals since she insists on harrassing them... Maybe I should sue myself.

MIA said...

Sometimes when water does not work, I do what Mrs. Gulch did to Scarecrow but with a slight twist. I throw gasoline on the person before tossing the fireball. Works faster than you can say thres no place like home...

Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous, I hope this all works out in your parents favor.

Anonymous said...

“older dog with arthritis”? “no blood”? Good lord! To read the other account of this incident I half expected Dr. Mortimer to appear declaring that they were the “footprints, of a gigantic hound!” Look, there’s no point trying to inject facts into this. You’re dealing with little children; remarkably unattractive little children, but little children nonetheless. Desperate for attention, they’ll do anything to distract themselves from their (entirely justified) lack of self worth, and, well, their lives in general. You’re only hope is to ignore it, and wait it out until their attention is diverted by some other opportunity for a petty “triumph” (perhaps you could encourage their neighbors to start leaving garbage around…).

I do feel sorry for the kids involved in this. I’d rather have mine subjected to repeated viewings of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre than have them exposed to this sort of lesson in how to live your life (Tobe Hooper’s got nothing on these folks). The one hope is that children are generally more observant than most people think, and all they have to do is look around to see what you get from a life of endless bickering, and silly, meaningless “victories”.

Feel free to delete this if you think I’m dooming you to another hysterical early morning phone call, but do please give my advice serious consideration.


Simon Jester

HoosierGirl5 said...

May I please ask who you are, Simon? You've obviously read someone else's page, as well.
Please, enlighten me.

sunShine said...

That is my favorite movie of all time. My mom kind of looks like the wicked witch, only she isn't green or wicked. Sorry that some people just can't leave well enough alone.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Unfortunately in our country, Dorothy throwing water on the WWofWest would bring about lawsuits and regulations and new laws and kickbacks upon selfish kickbacks amongst our politicians!

Whew! Glad we don't live in Oz.

Anonymous said...

Sorry not to respond sooner, but I’ve been busy doing some of that voodoo (that I do so well). In any event, I prefer to remain anonymous. I do feel that folks who allow for anonymous posting have to expect that people will post anonymously (actually I guess that sounds kind of obvious). I will generally comply with reasonably clear posted rules and polite requests not to post, although I don’t regard that as an absolute obligation. Anywho, despite being “online” back to the days of chat rooms on the old Apple IIe, I have never gotten that much into it. Doubtless the ever present constraints of time are a factor, although I must also say that, as a general rule, I just haven’t found it to be that satisfying.

Sorry to run on. Take care and good luck with, well, you know.


HoosierGirl5 said...

I don't mind anonymous comments, but I DO take issue with you seemingly referring Baron's girls as "unattractive" and that they are "entirely justified" to have little self-worth! I am not fond of their mother, or her behavior, but I do care a lot about these girls, and their father!
You can stay anonymous, just no insults, please.

Anonymous said...

For the record, when I used the term “little children” I was not referring to the chronologically challenged members of this sad tableau; I have nothing but sympathy for them. I would never insult a child, other than, in jest, my own, and “Daddy Doofus” can testify that they give at least as good as they get. Actually, I seldom trade in insults at all; I am almost compulsively non-assertive. This can be a disadvantage, particularly in my chosen career; during negotiations, I have been known to announce (to the considerable amusement of others) that I had “lost the will to live”. On the whole, however, I think it’s been a plus, because it has installed an almost visceral tendency to treat others with consideration and respect. (Sometimes, of course, one does what one must.) The benefits of this have been, for me, far more than hypothetical, and experience has taught me that, while the universe may be uncaring, it is terribly vigilant in meting out punishment to those who think that the rules of good comportment were created solely for others.

Do listen to me run on about myself! Oh well, I’m sure no one is reading this, so I suppose it doesn’t matter.


HoosierGirl5 said...

I'm reading it. I think I know who you are. Glad you weren't insulting anyone.
Take care.