Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Man, am I tired! The time change has my sleep patterns all messed up, I've had tons to do both at home and at work, and then all the Halloween to-do!

Let me just state for the record that students who have trouble coping with school on a day-to-day basis, like mine, have a VERY hard time with days like today. I thought we would never get through the first part of the day and all the work that had to be done, to get their poor, over-anxious little selves to the Halloween portion of the day! We watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" (a tradition in my classroom), made dirt cups (who wouldn't like to smash Oreos, and then bury a gummy worm in pudding and cookie pieces?) and played Halloween bingo.

THEN, I came home to an overexcited 6 yr. old who was ready to trick-or-treat at 4:30! I have to be honest....it was fun to see Aaron having fun, but the thrill of trick-or-treating is gone for me. It was fun 10 years ago. But we tromped up and down our small street and had a good time doing it. Then we delivered Rachael to her friends, Joseph to his friends, then hit Grandma and Grandpa's house. After a yummy dinner and fun with cousins Will and Tyler, we tromped up and down THEIR street.

So, I'm beat. Once home, we created Aaron's "St. Michael" costume for All Saints' Day tomorrow at his school. Is it bedtime yet? Almost......

Starting tomorrow, I'll be attempting to post every day of November. Stay tuned for some riveting posts such as, "The Story of My Life, Part 1", "The Meme from Redneck Nerdboy from last week", "The Meme from Tense Teacher from last weekend", "Why Target is Better Than Walmart", "The Story of My Life, Part 2", "Why I Love Sudoku", "How I Met My S.O. - the Baron", and many, many more.

And now, something for Redneck Nerdboy:

Have a good one!


MIA said...


Anonymous said...

This time change thing has messed up our schedule too...so very tired!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your goal of posting every day.

I didn't know they had a "blog a month" thing . . In my almost two years of blogging, I have done that several times. Let's see in 649 days of posting my blog I have published 786.

I've slowed down a bit over the last two-three months - maybe I'm finally running out of ideas?

Stopped here by way of Mia's. I like you writings. I'll be back to see how you do on the post a day goal.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

OOOOH! That sexy witch is for me? Thank you!


Happy Halloween ladyfriend!


FindingHeart said...

Dang, no witches like that around here. Think I'll leave a broom out on the porch as bait.

Aren't classrooms fun...the TWO days after Halloween when there is more sugar in their veins than blood?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of interesting information and stories on tap at The Coffee Table in November!

sunShine said...

Happy Halloween. I can't wait for the month of posts!

Tricia said...

I can honestly tell you that this time change has me DEAD in the PM - I'm sitting here now ready to crash.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!