Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Day After....

Today is November 1st, the first day of NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month, where brave participants attempt to post to their blogs every day of November! I have a long list of ideas....I just hope I can find the time to post every day. I feel like the Little Engine That Could - "I think I can, I think I can!" I had planned to start off the very first day of the month with a post I've been working on entitled "The Story of My Life, Part 1". But it's not quite ready AND I'm very tired. See below:

Today was also the day after Halloween. I expected things to be rough at school, but I had no idea. I swear, next year I am taking the day after Halloween off! Arrrgh! Every single one of my students had a problem today. A couple of them, no biggie. A couple others had bad mornings, but we got it turned around and they had decent afternoons. The fifth one -- he went off all day, kicked my assistant, and is now suspended for 2 days. And before everyone starts commenting on how awful it is to punish the emotionally needy child, let me just say that not only did he intentionally kick her, but it is standard procedure at our school and throughout the school corporation to suspend for acts of physical agression.

I feel so sorry for all kids the day after Halloween. So many of them are tired and grouchy, their little bodies off-kilter from a very mixed diet of candy and junk. Why are some parents so hell-bent on "fun" that they tromp their kids all over creation, to get them a bag of candy they don't need? I mean, I love trick-or-treating - we had fun last night! But 7-10 houses is plenty. How many mini Snickers does one kid need? Okay, I'm done with the rant. It's been a long day.

So, welcome to Day 1. More excitement to come, I promise!


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Anonymous said...

You're off to a good start.

I'll try to keep up with your daily posts.

Anonymous said...

You have to love spam comments, don't you?

This is a great start, I think. I can't imagine being a teacher on the day after Halloween - especially one that works with emotionally needy children.

I think if I were a teacher, I would definitely be taking that day off EVERY year.

Yorksdevil said...

If you stuff your face with mini-snickers bars you'll be ill anyway and won't have to pretend.

Candy and junk! I always just assumed they were in the same category.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Oh, OKAY! Let's just let the emotionally needy kid kick people all day!


I decided NOT to do the NaBloPoMo thing because I like my posts to be in plain view for at least a couple of days. I'm boring and quirky and exciting and normal like that.


DT said...

I agree- 7-10 houses are plenty for the experience. It's not like I would let my son (when he's old enough) eat even that much candy in one go, anyway. Let's teach early that overindulgence does NOT equal fun. Some adults I know still need to learn that...