Thursday, September 21, 2006

More camping pics....and the poll update.

Okay, from the top:
1. The Suspension Bridge (beautiful, but a little wobbly!)
2. Me, eating the promised s'mores! (they were great!)
3. Baron, down below Princess Arch.
4. One of gorgeous views from Chimney Rock.
5. Me at Lover's Leap.
6. Baron at Chimey Rock.

Our getaway was very relaxing. When I arrived Friday night, Baron had already been there several hours. He had our whole camp set up:

We made a fire and roasted marshmallows, before going to sleep under the stars. The tent had a mesh top which could be covered or left open, and we snuggled down into our bed of unzipped sleeping bags to stay warm. Very romantic.

The next day, we made bacon, french toast, and coffee for a leisurely breakfast. We then spent the day seeing the sights, tailgating for a picnic lunch, then back to our camp for beef stew and s'mores! We had some wine coolers and beer, took a flashlight walk in the dark, and slept warmly in the tent again.

Sunday we went to Chimney Rock and Princess Arch, before having a picnic lunch, packing up and heading home.

The view from Sky Bridge, our first stop on Saturday. All in all, a very restful and relaxing weekend.


In my last post, I asked my readers to vote: Should I? or shouldn't I? without knowing what the question was about. So far, I have received 7 votes: 4 say "should", 2 say "shouldn't", 1 abstention. If you haven't voted yet, go with your gut feeling: Should I? or shouldn't I?


Jacob Mathai said...

Hey great photos!

Kentucky Girl said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time! :D

Yorksdevil said...

That's my kind of scenery, I do love to see a great expanse of trees. Can't be doing with camping though, I like my luxuries.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I still stand by my vote. Bad juju from that question!

I like the rock you were standing in front of. Interesting how people have carved their initials and what not into it!

sunShine said...

Great pics. I am glad that you got your S'mores.

me said...

thanks for sharing--looks AWESOME!!!!

stephanie said...

Beautiful pictures! You're a bigger woman than me... camping... not so good at that, am I. :)

Janet said...

I say you should. Even without knowing what it is, the should vote seems like the one that has something a bit forbidden to it. That's my final answer.:)

Tricia said...

I love the photos - they are beautiful! I can't camp unless there are oulets, indoor toilets and a nice pool. So, I guess you'll never see me camping.

As for the poll - I'm all for it - whatever it is! SHOULD