Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rain, random thoughts, and more rain!

Rain, Rain, Go Away....Come Again Some Other Day....


I am headed out to Home Depot to buy some lumber and nails so I can start building the frickin' ARK!
Yes, that's right, folks. The beautiful fall weather that Baron and I enjoyed last weekend has been replaced by gallons and gallons of water. It started raining sometime early Friday morning, and I don't think it has stopped. Last night it began lightening-ing as if God were flickering the lights in the sky.

Then it dumped on Southern Indiana and Louisville to such proportions that they even called off.....(collective gasp)...FOOTBALL GAMES. Football is sacred on Friday nights in the Ohio River Valley and second only to the God of all sports, basketball (written with great humbleness). Today it has cancelled Aaron's Cub-a-Ree Campout, Aaron's soccer game, and Rachael's outdoor get-together. My basement is very wet. It always leaks when it rains (which is why nothing is stored down there directly touching the floor), but it is definitely saturated down there. The sump pump is constantly groaning.

Last night before going to bed, Baron and I discovered a small leak through a crack in my ceiling! Help! I can't afford a new roof, or a new ceiling! It didn't do anything, in fact it stopped dripping, but it is still making me nervous.

In other random news, my new Star Wars DVD's have come in. These are the new digitally remastered editions, but they also include the original theatrical version. We were planning a Star Wars movie marathon with Baron and his girls, but at this rate, we may have to swim to get there.

Nothing much else is new. My car is still at the dealership being worked on. The "ABS" light came on, which was good timing, because it only has 300 miles until it is out of the "3 Year/36,000 mile" warranty. The ABS electronic sensor needed to be replaced, and is still under the warranty. While it's up there, it's getting the lighter fixed (wouldn't work with the cell phone charger), the trunk repaired (it was leaking), and new front brakes. This is in addition to the oil change, new battery and 2 new front tires it got a couple of weeks ago. Isn't it fun to see where your "supposed to be extra" summer stipend money is going?

But I DID get to contribute $50 per kid to their high school walkathon (they were required to collect $100 each), and get the teenagers tickets to see "Rent", coming to Louisville in October.

I found out the other day exactly what my salary is, and I was tickled. I am just $300 a year (obviously gross, not net) from breaking into a new decade of numbers, a decade which I have never experienced in my entire life, and neither has my ex-husband. I don't think I've ever shared here how much of a giggle it is for me to make more money than he does. This is mainly because all of our married life he made much more money than I did, and when we split up, he told me I would never make it on my own financially. I could go on a long rant about how wrong he was, but I will restrain myself (for now). It doesn't matter to me how much a man or a woman makes, as longer as he/she is happy with what he does, and is attempting to make this world a better place. I have never cared, really, whether the man in my life made more or less than I do.

But, I DO enjoy making more than my ex. And I always will.(evil grin)

My almost 15 year-old daughter has just stepped into the room to ask for the third time if I am "almost done with the computer", so I guess I had better wrap it up.

The final tally is the "Should I?" or "Shouldn't I?" poll is 6 "should", 2 "shouldn't", and 1 abstention. Thank you for your input. I'm sorry, but due to uninvited/unwelcome readers, I am unable to explain further. But I can tell you that I decided not to. Thanks again.


Mr. Husbland said...

I'd seriously find the source of that leak before it becomes major problems.

It could be a small leak that can be repaired without a new roof etc. If you wait it could be very costly.

But some tubes of silicone and go to town!

RWA said...

I have to agree with mr. husbland. You need to find out what the deal is with that leak - before it gets worse (possibly a lot worse).

Hope your decision in the "poll" works out for you.

Tense Teacher said...

What do those unwanted/unwelcome types think they're doing here? Kick 'em out, so we can get the good dirt!

I'm kidding... I hope whatever the decision was works out well.

Tricia said...

Ok - I hate lurkers - I have them at my site - and I usually track them down and make sure they know I know..if you know what I mean.

I hope your decision was a good one. You have a strong head on your shoulders - and I believe in you :)

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Goodness. Hopefully you can share (even by email) what the problem is that you decided not to go forth with your decision.

My wife has the degree that will let her one day make triple what I make. For that I am truly thankful and do nice things for her all the time. Oh, also because I love her and all that! Haha!