Sunday, September 03, 2006

Football pics and weekend thoughts.

Hey there...
Sorry I haven't had a post in a WEEK! I have been so busy with school, kids, football practice, open houses at both the high school (for joseph and rachael), and the elementary (for daniel and aaron) aaron started soccer AND tiger cubs this week! (sigh)
But now it's the weekend.
Last night my nephew was baptized and I am his godmother. My oldest son Joseph is the godfather and he did a great job, although he looked nervous during the ceremony.
Today (Sunday) and tomorrow my kids are with their dad, so Baron and I have a rare moment of free time AND no kids. We went bumming around the flea market today, which was fun, and we've been out to eat. Now we're just hanging around his house....ALONE!

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of Daniel's football game last weekend with you.

Here he is, on the line.

Here's another one! He's the one with his behind farthest up in the air!

In this one, he's #4, in the white box.

He's doing really well. I'm so proud of him.

I promise there will be more posts before NEXT weekend.
Have a good week.


The Princess said...

You're such a proud Mama!!

RWA said...

Glad you're catching some time to yourself after a busy week.

Great pictures by the way.

Where's the Coffee said...

Glad you're back! Great pictures. Monkey Boy's best friend just started football this season. My hat is off to football moms. I can't imagine the amount of time involved plus the thought of somebody tackling my baby.

Tricia said...

Isn't it moments like these that make you realize why you were born?