Monday, August 28, 2006


Okay, so I'm tired but still pysched from the Rascal Flatts concert last night! I am probably too old to stay up until after midnight on a "school night" and then get up for work at 6 and go all day, but it was still worth it! They were AWESOME!!!
They played all my favorite songs, the technicals were amazing, and they are so adorable! Gary Allan was the opening act and he was good, too. His wife died about a year and a half ago, and he has handled it with such grace and class. His music was fantastic.

My S.O. isn't too keen on country music...his comment was that he "had a good time" and they were "nice". Um....yeah. Oh well. I guess he can't be expected to be perfect in every category. He was good company, and great for smooching in the dark! At least his van didn't get towed. Wouldn't want that to happen, nope, uh-uh, no way. Not that.

SIDENOTE: Daniel had his first football game Sunday and although it was broiling hot, the game was least for us proud parents. Baron, 2 of his girls, my other kids, my mom, and my ex (Daniel's dad) all turned out to cheer him on. More on that later.


Ramsey said...

To Miss HoosierGirl5,

Caught your comments on Across-the-Board about Maxim. [sigh]. I will have to admit, the fact I receive the Maxim publication – make me hold my head down in shame. While it does not hold any substance (content), it does have overly edited eye candy that is just plain pathetic. Rest assured, as soon as the next renewal notice is sent I will be canceling my subscription – and signing up for FHM. Just kidding.

Checked your blog – great stuff! I will have to admit, I myself went to the Rascal Flatts concert about a month ago, and it was awesome. They’ve always been great live. My only complaint was it was over way to soon! I wish they could of played all night.

Anyways, hope you keep following (shameless plug), and I openly invite you to comment on the random stuff I decide to post. :)


sunShine said...

I wanna go see Rascal Flatts. I love them and Gary Allen. Gary Allen has an amazing voice. Glad that you had fun.

Also glad that Daniel's game went well. Hopefully it will cool off soon so the games won't be so miserably hot! I am ready for cooler weather.

Mr. Husbland said...

My wife also LOVES Rascal Flatts.

And I, too, think their concerts are 'nice'. :)

RWA said...

Rascal Flatts does a great job at their concerts. I saw them twice this summer - and I loved both shows.