Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm in a some kind of mood...beware!

It is Sunday morning, 9:30 AM, and here is what has already transpired: Up at 7:30, drove Joseph out to the local retreat center/friary to help his Scout troop clean up after their annual picnic,stopped by Thorton's AND Kroger, bought coffee, donuts, milk, Gatorade, and gas, came home, loaded the dishwasher, started a load of wash, and changed the litter box. Yeah.

As I have been going about the house, ideas for signs have been popping into my head.

Do you think this is too much? Maybe so.....

Seriously, I AM making signs. Here is what has come up so far:

"Do NOT put food or trash in the sink."

"Please put your dirty clothes DOWN the shoot, do not just leave them by the door."

"Joseph, please check and empty the lint trap when you change loads."

"If you see something on the floor, PICK IT UP! I don't care if you put it there or not."

"Please clean up after yourself. Your mother does not live here. Okay, well, maybe she does, but she's tired, busy, and she needs your help!

As a sidenote, Baron and I are going to see Rascal Flatts at the Kentucky State Fair tonight. Rascal Flatts is, hands down, my favorite group.

Aren't they cute? I've already seen them twice. I know Baron isn't as excited as I am - he isn't a big country music fan - but like a good boyfriend, he agreed to go with me.
More on the concert after tonight.

Finally, I was browsing through pictures for this post and I came across this one from our trip. It's a picture of Aaron at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. I really love it, because it shows how totally engrossed he was in everything he saw there. In this picture, he was using wind to fly a model plane. What a smart little guy!

Okay, that's all for now. Have a good week.

I have been asked by my teenage daughter, who sometimes, with my permission, reads my blog, to make an addendum to this post. She claims that this post implies that my children do nothing around the house. I do not want to give that impression. Joseph is my laundry man, and does at least one load of laundry for me every day, and more on weekends...Rachael is my dishwasher, and loads the dishwasher every day. Daniel is my garbage guy, and takes the garbage and recyling out at least once a day, and more on weekends. Aaron is toy pick-up boy, and will feed the cats their dry cat food upon request.
I stand corrected.
Apologies all around.


The Princess said...

But still, even with everyone helping a little...a Mama's just gotta vent!!

sunShine said...

I put notes up at work like that. At home I call myself the maid and when the house is dirty I tell everyone that I am firing the maid. My hubby is good at helping once he gets started, it is just getting him to get started on cleaning. Maybe this weekend I can spark him to do some cleaning. My house is a wreck!

Where's the Coffee said...

I like signs. At my old office we had a "Your mother doesn't work here. Clean up after yourself." sign in the break room. When I was younger, I used to put "lift the seat" signs up in the bathroom for my little brother. The only thing worse than almost falling in is sitting in a puddle. It took years to train him in toilet seat etiquette, but he was a faster study than dear hubby.