Wednesday, September 13, 2006

6 Straight Days and counting.....

Fall is officially here in Southern Indiana. I actually wore my "God Rocks" sweatshirt out to soccer pictures tonight. I love sweatshirt weather. I love fall: pumpkins, leaves, hayrides, scarecrows...all that autumn-y stuff. And in keeping with the fall theme, I am going CAMPING this weekend with my S.O.! One of the best parts of camping is huddling around the campfire, eating hot dogs and s'mores. ( I have been promised s'mores!)

While my guy is a veteran camper, I have not been camping much. I was a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp one summer when I was in college, but we slept in cabins. And we hiked to the lodge for our meals, although I DID hike a lot, learn to canoe, complete the Polar Bear Club badge (which meant jumping into the lake every morning before breakfast for a week!), and we DID cook around a fire about once a week.

But I've been out of college (gulp!) almost 20 years. Since that time, I have been camping with my kids a handful of times, but someone else was always in charge and I was just along for the ride. Which is pretty much the case this time. Baron is doing all the planning and the prep, he's getting there early and doing the setup, and he's doing all the cooking. (Did I mention he promised me s'mores?)

So, I've been to the woods before. The difference, for me, is that I've never gone camping as a couple, just me and the guy. Now, Baron is apparently a camping cassanova...he even went camping on his honeymoon, not to mention he has wooed various women into the woods since then. But this is new to me.

I am really looking forward to it. It should be a fun, interesting, and (hopefully) romantic experience. But say a little prayer for me anyway! (grin)

Sidenote: As the title of this post denotes, this makes 6 days in a row that I've put up a post. I guess I will have to break my string this weekend when I'm in the woods, but it's fun posting more often. I will keep it up when I get back.


The Princess said...

Have fun camping!! Unfortantely for me....the closest I come to camping is the Best Western, yeah, I'm that kind of girl!!

Dennis1960 said...

Koo-koo-ka-choo, s'mores!

eatmisery said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip to the woods. I love the woods!

sunShine said...

I love the fall too, the cooler weather is awesome. I am with the princess, the closest that I come to camping is a hotel that doesn't have a blow drier. Have fun!

RWA said...

Fall is the best season, to me. The temperatures have finally started cooling off here (it's supposed to be in the 50's tonight).

And camping is outstanding. I used to go a lot - and I need to get back out there.

FindingHeart said...

Whoa, technicolor trees? Down here, it's pretty much green or brown. I took the wife up north to see her grandma one year and we flew over Ohio covered in red, yellow, green, orange, etc. Dang, God is cool!!

All my camping gear is in storage. I miss it. Figure i'll have my ass out there by October. That is really my best God time out there. Well, that and beer time too.

Enjoy the weather and the camping!

Tense Teacher said...

Totally jealous that you acutally have an autumn; we go from hot to cold here, and the cold only lasts a few weeks. Once in a blue moon, the leaves turn colors, but usually they're green, dull green, and then brown.

You can keep the camping, though.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Fall is my favorite time of year, and that is a fact! It's the best time to cook up some chili, make some good ol' hot apple cider, drink pumpkin beer, and get under the quilt with the honey!