Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another party heard from.....

A few days ago, I vented some frustration in a post by pretending to buy derogatory t-shirts for a couple of people who have been making life difficult for me and my S.O. These are real people, who apparently READ this blog. Great. Good to know.

Anyway, my attempt to privately release some frustration has spawned more spiteful comments, primarily from Derwood. He doesn't care what he writes, or who he hurts in the process, all in the name of free speech. His fiancee, Spamela, is apparently jealous that her children had a great vacation without her and has done everything she can to break apart any of the bonding that took place between the girls and Baron, or even the girls and I. She says, "I'm not responsible for what he writes. I didn't say any of those things."

I personally think it's sad, that she would be so insecure in herself, that she would have to hurt her children's relationship with their father, in order to keep herself in the role of "queen". It must have been too much to take, that the kids can have fun with their dad, when she wants so bad to keep him in the role of "the enemy" and even worse, that they would enjoy my company and the company of my kids. As usual, it's her way or the highway, no matter what the cost to her kids' emotional well-being.

So, in the course of all this, Derwood accused my S.O. of being stupid, because instead of ranting and raving, he said nothing, chosing instead to react calmly and wait until he could talk to his girls himself. However, it upset him that Derwood would imply that because he was silent, he didn't support what I had been writing, in a series of useless, frustrating e-mails. From this situation, Baron has written a reply:

Note to Derwood from The Blue Baron,

I read your comment about my silence regarding "the Lexwife". I’m behind J. on the subject of those who quietly side with rude falsehoods. I hadn’t wanted to waste my time typing something, until I read your comment.

J. is right about you guys and your sick written lies. I lump Spamela into this same category as you. A passive acceptance of these un-truths, especially about the father of her children, is contemptuous. Much like an Axis sympathizer in Allied territory, she will be treated as though she was caught hiding a Nazi in her basement.

To say “hey I didn’t write it” is no excuse. The first time I read your infantile rantings and she defended you, I’ve thought of her the same way as I currently do. Bad.

I don’t see me changing my mind on this. She is a good mother of wonderful children but twisted in her tacit support of your strange fiction.


My apologies to the rest of you, for having to read all this, since it only really involves a chosen few. There is apparently no good way to deal with these people. They think they're right, no matter what they do or say, and everyone else is wrong. I promise you this is the last of it for quite awhile.

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sunShine said...

Ex's you couldn't live with them and sometimes you really wish you could just live without them. Good luck with all of that.