Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pizzas, Hot Pockets, and Ponytails.....

I have boys in my house, lots of boys! My parents invited my 6 year old to spend the night with them, just him, and "be their special boy". This means he will be able to choose the dinner menu, will probably get taken to Target for a toy, and will generally be spoiled rotten for 24 hours. I think a visit to my sister's pool was also planned, with his 5 yr.old cousin, Will. With him out of the house for the evening, the dynamics of the household change. My teenagers make plans to watch a "for teenagers only" movie in the living room (generally, if a 6 yr. old can't see it, it has to be watched in Rachael's room on her little tv. Only rated "G" in the living room).

And my middle son's mind shifted into high gear:

"Mom, can I invite Cain over?"
"How about Levi, too? Then we can have a real gamers' night."
"Okay...make the calls, let me talk to Tammy (Levi's mom) and Leslie (Cain's mom) when you get through."


"Can you go buy us know,snacks? And can we have homemade pizzas for dinner? Like you made the last time?"

(No big surprise here - Levi and Cain have VERY specific tastes. We've hosted them before. Cain - junk food junkie. Levi - hot pockets, pop tarts. All 3 boys - Pizza and A&W Root Beer) I just put the 4th pizza in the oven. They may only be 12, but they eat like 30!

A few minutes later,
"Mom, Tammy wants to talk to you."
"About Levi's ponytail."

Levi was born in the wrong decade. He should have been born in the 70's. He plays the guitar, he loves heavy metal, and he has long hair. He's growing it for "Locks of Love" right now. Turns out he needs a little help getting it up and out of his face, so Rachael and I are going to do it for him in the morning...

So Joseph and Rachael have a movie marathon planned for the living room, Daniel has a boys' night, all-night Gamecube party planned for his room MINUS the "please let me play too" little brother, and me? Well, I was supposed to go see Josh Gracin (country singer) down at 4th Street Live tonight with my sweetie, but I was feeling less than enthused about going in this hot, sticky, humid weather, and thinking more about how nice it would be to curl up with a movie and a book in my room, with no interuptions.......when he called:

"Hey babe, about that concert tonight...."
"Well, I may have to be, a lot late...I'm stuck here working on a phone system..."

(Cue me, playing the ever-supportive and understanding girlfriend)

"That's okay, honey...we don't have to's too hot anyway...let's just make it tomorrow night.."
"Hey, thanks..thanks for understanding. Love you!"

Can you see my halo? (cheesy grin)

What a sweetheart I am!
(that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)


Mr. Husbland said...

Sounds like your place is party central. It really made me look forward even more to being a parent.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sometimes it can be like this around here during summer vacation because I'm a teacher so not only do the kids NOT have school right now, neither do I. So the bedtimes loosen up....
They ARE having a good time. My 16 yr.old son has joined in the with his brother and his friends, so the gamer's night is in high gear!
I'm sure you will be a great dad!

sunShine said...

Homemade pizza! Yummy, at least all the kids are occupied so you can enjoy your book.

On your previous post, love the shirt! I know some people who need that.