Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Want Another Cat.

I have been feeling the longing for another kitten. It started a few months ago. Then I saw this adorable kitten at Feeder's Supply named Gibson. He was grey and he had....well, personality. I put off looking into adopting him and someone else took him home.

Now I have the opportunity to choose a kitten from a vet, who neuters them and gives them their kitten shots. I kind of talked it over with Steven. He isn't in favor of it, but he didn't exactly say no either. And yes, I know it's my house and my choice, but it just isn't worth the hassle of going over his head on this. I want him to LIKE the new cat.

And of course, I want my current babies to be happy, especially Moustache. The last cat I attempted to take in had been a stray and was too used to foraging and fending for himself to share, and as a result made my Moustache very sick. I will NOT let that happen again. But I think I would be more careful and watchful this time.


I want a kitten. I'll let you know if I get one.



Sayre said...

Blending cats can be tricky. We have four, one of which spends most of his time outside because he likes to mark the house. Everyone seems to have an issue with Tottie to some degree or another with the occasional hissing fits, but as a rule, they all get along pretty well. Tottie and Misha arrived when they were turning one. French and Yoda we've had since kittenhood. I think bringing in a kitten is easier on everyone than bringing in a full grown cat with it's own personality (and sometimes baggage).

Poppy said...

Kittens are so awesome...

Twitter has integrated into the house well. She kinda bosses all her big sisters around at this point. :)

Brother Dave said...

I will not encourage you to get another cat when your betrothed mate is against the idea. While Steven did not say "No," you feel you would be going over his head by bringing another cat into the household.

Transactional relationships come in several forms. I believe it would be a far more balanced approach if you discuss this again with Steven. Tell him you feel this need so strongly that you want to get the cat in spite of how he feels about it. Tell him you wish to respect his wishes, but you have a wish in this matter as well. Ask him if he felt that he could respect your wish and accept the new addition.

I believe Steven will at least respect you for your candidness about your feelings. He may tell you that while he is against the idea that he wants you to be happy, etc.

Good luck!

Hoosier Girl said...

Dave, I wasn't suggesting that I get one without his "okay". If I was going to do that, I would have gotten one weeks ago. I was just saying that he hasn't said no, which hopefully gives me a bit of an opening.

I'm sure we'll work it out. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't get one. I would just really, really LIKE one!


Ivy said...

That kitten is really gorgeous!!! Makes me want to get off work in the middle of the day and go home to hug my cat Prada!!! Always lovely to meet kindred spirits! Cats rule!!! :)