Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy #10, Aaron!!!

Today is Aaron's 10th birthday! We celebrated by meeting at Cici's Pizza for a family lunch, then went up to my parents for cake and ice cream.

Joseph was able to come down for the day, just for Aaron's birthday, which was so great! Check out the pictures of all my kids together. Don't they look great?

Aaron's gifts included the ever-popular Target gift cards, an electronic dart board (from Steven), and a remote control helicopter (from me).

He had a terrific day.

10 years. He's growing up. My baby!!



Poppy said...

Happy birthday, kiddo.

Brother Dave said...

Happy Birthday, Aaron.

Y'all are one terrific family.

Sushiboy said...

So jealous! I love radio controlled helicopters. I'm site he will enjoy that!

Sushiboy said...

Er sure that is.... I'm still not all that great at typing on the iPod.