Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tired and Grouchy

I don't know what's wrong with me. Well, I know some of what's wrong. It's my annual "how will I pay for Christmas?" worry. And this year I'm working harder than ever. But this year, it seems like I am being hit with unexpected cost after cost.

Rachael had a fender bender on Thanksgiving Day. Her fault. Not much damage to the other car - a broken tail light and a slightly crunched, scratched fender. I don't want to turn it in on the insurance. It will raise my rates and damage her rating. The lady called tonight - she is willing to let me pay for the repairs without involving insurance companies (at my request). Cost - $1200. I told Rachael she was responsible for $500 (the amount of the deductible). I can almost swing the rest - except this is December. How will I do that AND pay for Christmas?

I have no interest in my work these days. The teacher I share a room with, the one I complain about......she's just terrible to work with. I dread going to our room every day, knowing I'll have to deal with her.

And dammit...I need a break. I have been working nonstop since last Christmas. Holidays, summer, weekends. I never have more than one day off from BOTH jobs. I swore I was going to find a way to go to Texas to visit Steven's parents with him between Christmas and New Year's - while the kids are with their dad. But with the fender bender debt, and Christmas, and all the other bills......I just don't see how I'm going to do it.

Anway, I'm done whining now. Thanks for "listening".



Anonymous said...

Grouchy? You????

I'm sure you'll pull it all together like you always do.

Or, I'm glad I'll be in TX, so I won't notice all that empty space under where the Christmas tree used to be.

Sayre said...

Yikes... sounds like you're having a bad time. I can relate, though. Everytime I think we're getting caught up, something else comes along to suck our money out of our hands.

We have decided that if you are under 16, you get a present. If you are not, put on your big person panties and get over it. For us, that means presents for my son, granddaughter, and nephew. None for Mom or Dad or hubby or in-laws. Just can't swing it. I am looking into making something (token), but that depends on time - which is something I never count on. I'm planning to make a bunch of teddy bears this weekend for Toys for Tots though. Maybe I'll get on a roll...

I hope you're able to swing Texas with Stephen though. Sometimes you just need a break from your real life.

Superwoman said...

:-( sorry you're having a rough time.

Poppy said...

Hang in there. Lots of stress right now, but only if you let yourself take it in. Tell yourself everything is happening for some secret reason that results in your family's betterment. I have no idea what the betterment is, but you'll know it when you see it.

Brother Dave said...

There is something inherently wrong with the society when people place so much value in showering everyone with gifts.

Even when gift-giving does not involve extended family, the final bill can be astounding.

I say step back, catch the big picture, and tell your family you all will honor and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas this year.

Own up to the fact that income cannot now compete with outgo. Tell the children that instead you will all pool your efforts and resources and ensure that some needy family gets a grand Christmas dinner. (Your priest can assist with your selection.)

This may even mean sacrificing a big feast for yourselves.

When your family prays together on Christmas eve you can ask Heavenly Father to give to the needy family you chose to help a strong sense of hope for the near future and beyond.

And your children can be brought to realize that in your time of financial need it is still possible to help those less fortunate.

Steven's folks are bound to respect you for announcing the desire to pull back and be frugal for now. Let Steven be the one who tells them what your family is doing instead for your Christmas 'celebration'.

I strongly believe this is worth considering. It could turn out to be your best Christmas ever thus far.

metalmom said...

We had been in that position before and I agree that it sucks. But you will get through it... slowly but surely. I think everyone is in the same boat this year.